Ballinabricky Guest Comic #10



So the leprechauns are giving their gold away? I thought that was against their basic beliefs.


Ordinarily, yes, but Finbar Greenjacket has had prior dealings with some of the older members of the town which come up from time to time. These “connections” are mysterious in origin, but he’s inclined to lend a hand if it connects with a debt he owes. From the first story arc:

There was even one story that focused exclusively on the world of the leprechauns:


I was looking at your site the other week, and was wondering how far back the episodes went, there didn’t seem to be any specific archive by date that I could find. Is that on your site’s to-do list? 😀


There’s a calendar in the sidebar, but the easiest way is to click on “complete stories.” You can select individual stories from the drop down, or go to the page itself where the start/end dates of all story arcs are listed.


Where did he found this ring? Reminds me something LOL…

Leprechauns king sounds like a fun dude!


According to Irish legend, the Dullahan can be stopped by gold, but I needed for Finbar to give Dave something a little more unique than advice in order to justify the diversion of the action.

My Dullahan is totally patterned after the Nazgûl (Ringwraiths) from the LOTR sets, though.

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