Ballinabricky Guest Comic #1

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I know everyone is bummed about my hiatus, so I hope this helps to take the sting out a bit. Ballinabricky has been kind enough to contribute several weeks’ worth of guest comics. While there’s no zombies, it is a horror-themed comic and features a rather prominent guest star from the world of Bricks of the Dead.

If you liked this, and I’m sure you did, please be sure to check out the official Ballinabricky comic. Thanks again for helping me out, sir!

7 thoughts on “Ballinabricky Guest Comic #1”

  1. My pleasure!

  2. Sam.. waiting for Godot – that’s LEGO inception right there!
    The nun’s “hood” (sorry, I don’t know the correct name) looks great – nice custom job.

  3. While I hope to see Bricks of the Dead again soon this sounds like a nice little treat for the fans. Thanks Ballinabricky

  4. Huge thanks for the guest strips! This will run through mid-May. I hope to have BotD back at the beginning of June. Thank you all for your patience.

  5. Wow I missed this post yesterday! 😀 That’s one interesting moniker, indeed! 😉

    I look forward to seeing the webcomic back to normal by June! 😀 We’ll see how things play out! 😉

  6. I started reading your first story on your website and I gotta say that I love the way you tell your story. It’s dark with sparkles of humor at times. I’m not surprised to read about you on Dave’s website. Great guest comic incoming!!

    • Thank you so much!