Zombie Apocalypse Hits Downtown LEGO City

Today’s LEGO Zombie Creation of the Whenever-the-Hell-I-Feel-Like-It comes to use from chefmick_212, who sent me his build: “Zombie Apocalypse Hits Downtown LEGO City”. As always, I love it when people send me the LEGO zombie stuff their building (and hey, art, video, or anything else is cool too), so don’t be shy about it. I might not answer right away, but I look at everything and try to feature as much as I can.

Let me get this out of the way first: I know I should do these more often, because they’re fun and I love giving attention to some of the great creations out there. I recently had someone contact me about doing some posts. I have no idea whether it will work out, but I really hope so. Either way, I’m going to make a better effort to post cool creations as I find them. Maybe they won’t have full write-ups, but that’s okay.

Getting back to the subject at hand, here’s what a zombie apocalypse looks like when it hits downtown LEGO city:

Zombie Apocalypse Hits Downtown LEGO City

As you can see, it’s quite a chaotic scene. Not only are there zombies and survivors everywhere, we also get loads and loads of debris scattered everywhere. I really like this little detail, since I enjoy getting lost trying to identify what every coffee cup, candy wrapper, and newspaper are.

Zombie Apocalypse Hits Downtown LEGO City

There are plenty of other great details too, like the car accident in the background, or what appears to be a disinterested blind man sitting on a bench, completely ignoring the chaos around him.

I also really like the line of armored police officers trying to hold the tide of zombies at bay. They look wonderfully well armed and organized, but I’ve seen enough zombie movies to know which way the wind is blowing on this one. Sorry, cops, but your days are numbered.



My pick should be the flowers vendor cart in front of the shop entrance… Nice one!


I would love to see this scene in larger sizes, and i would encourage the original creator of these photos to photograph them in higher resolution as the images just don’t give their excellent talent for building and placement of objects in the scene enough justice! 😀

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