The Wall(ker) – LEGO Zombie Creation

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to check out another LEGO Zombie Creation. This week we have “The Wall(ker)” by Damien Cansse. I feature builds for all sorts of reasons: epic scale, excellent photography, gripping storytelling, evocative, imagery… I could go on and on. This, however, might be the first time I’ve highlighted one simply because of imaginative part usage, but dammit, this one deserves it. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

The Wall(ker) - A LEGO Zombie Creation

What’s Going On

It appears that this creation is set quite a while after the zombie apocalypse has started, as evidenced by both the in-depth defenses setup by the survivors, and the fact that there is a fully-skeletalized zombie at the base of the wall. The zombie that is approaching is also in pretty rough shape, indicating that the at least some of the zombies that are out there have been through a lot.

On the top of the wall (more on that wall later) is a defender with a very large gun that also appears to be suppressed. To me, this suggests a very well prepared and equipped group inside the walls.

What I Like

Let’s get this out of the way: using the brick separators as the wall is a super cool idea. Yeah, it’s a little weird that the wall is bright orange, but maybe that’s the only paint they had, or orange is the favorite color of whoever is in charge. Yeah, let’s go with that.

What I really love about using the separators is that they angle outward, which just looks cool. I also love how they’ve mounted spikes at the bottom. Nicely done.

What Could Be Improved

One thing that could really make this little build stand out is it it was one a nicer looking base. It wouldn’t take a lot, and I think it would really make this creation stand out.



…Or the wall is coloured in that way because of rescue colours are normally bright so people can see them, so perhaps the group inside put up intensely visible walls as a way of attracting survivors


That wall is genius. And it could be that orange is the colour the wall panels come in.
You know, someone sees some construction material that can be scavenged to build the wall, and it just happens to be painted orange already.


I have to disagree with Dave’s opinion on the base. It looks perfectly fine to me. When you have limited materials with which to work with, making the sides of the base people are going to be looking at is not that important. It looks to me like there’s some sandstone or sand there, and quite a bit of concrete, some of which is getting old, as evidenced by the slight grey color change I can quite clearly see on the side of it. The Technic pin holes from the 1×2 technic brick with hole laid on their side suggest space for sewage or water lines, and since the observer, represented by the camera angle used to take the shot, is seeing a cutaway view it’s no surprise at all there wouldn’t be any water or effluent in them, since it’s also obvious to the observer that they’re looking at a zombie apocalypse scene.

I really can’t find fault with anyone’s builds, it doesn’t matter if they didn’t worry about doing anything spectacular, there is always a reason to see colors as well-intentioned, to me at least. Why, there’s even a disused sewage or water manhole there, this could be a small slice of the ruins of a once-great city that the defenders turned into a defensive retreat from the zombies. 😉 I always try to think positive, if a negative can be looked at in a positive light, it’s not really a negative, is it? 😀


Its a good build, but I agree with Dave. I think that behind the wall should be a bit extra: Crates with supplies, Containers, or even a veichle! A single wall doesn’t give off a Survivalist group look, and that sniper looks lonely…

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