Apocalypse: The Beginning – a LEGO Zombie Creation

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation is called “Apocalypse – The Beginning“, and was built by Misha Mishin. It’s a great little build with absolutely lovely landscaping. Check it out:

Apocalypse: The Beginning - a LEGO Zombie Creation

What’s Going On?

A single survivor, dressed in a hazardous material suit, is fleeing from zombies out of a quarantine zone of some sort. Very recently, this wasn’t the only survivor; there were at least three others, but they didn’t make it.

Odd are the last person isn’t going to make it terribly far either.

What I Like

The landscaping here is fantastic. I love the mix of sand and greenery, as is this once verdant area is slowly being overtaken by the desert. Probably because of whatever is making this a quarantined area. Based on the hazardous material suits many of the characters are wearing, I’m going to assume that there is some sort of biological weapons research facility nearby, which is likely also the source of the zombies, because that’s how these things work.

I also like how the non-hazmat zombies are all dressed in the same uniform, suggesting that the outbreak started within another group at the same facility, probably the janitorial staff. Either that, or the scientists liked to dress all their experiment subjects in the same uniform, which is something I can get behind.

What Could Be Improved

While the build and staging of this creation is lovely, I think the photography really holds it back. Even then, it’s really only one part of the photography: the framing. The creation is pushed right up against a white wall, which really robs the build of the sense of scale that it is otherwise pulling off quite well.

Imagine how much better this would look if the camera was shifted against the wall and cropped in such a way that you could only see the LEGO and the sky? It would look a hell of a lot better, that’s how much.