Roadkill – LEGO Zombie Creation

It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for our LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week. This time around, we’re taking a look at “Roadkill” by Calin. As you can see, it’s done up in the style of a movie poster, with lots of great little touches throughout.

Roadkill - a LEGO Zombie Creation

What’s Going On?

Obviously, this is an advertisement for the fictional zombie movie Roadkill. Now, we can’t tell a lot about the story of the movie from the poster, but we can can certainly understand a few things. And, for everything else, we can make wild, baseless assumptions.

Here we have a single survivor and a hot rod. The first tagline suggests that there is at least one other character, possibly two. We can also assume that there is some sort of betrayal or double-cross, and that’s probably what sets in motion the plot of the film.

Also, there are zombies. Probably a lot of them.

What I Like

Taken as a whole, this is a wonderful creation. It really nails the movie poster look, including the teal-tinged color scheme that is so en vogue these days. I also think all the references to various customizers in the poster is a nice little touch.

As a poster, it’s quite well done. The texture is wonderful. I love the typography, and the imagery is minimal and evocative. It’s exactly what it should be.

What Could Be Improved

Honestly, I can’t think of much to criticize here. As a spoofed movie poster, it’s incredibly well done.

If I was pressed to change anything, it would be to make the road in the background brick-built to keep it consistent with the rest of the build. I don’t feel terribly strongly about that though; it feels like a a nit pick, and I’ve said before that I like seeing LEGO in the read world.



Like it too. Maybe movie title coulrd be more… seeable from subtitle. 🙂


Excellent, i really like this, I’m viewing this on a iPad so the font size and colour is fine but may be difficult to read on a mobile device. I see a lot of Lego Mocs of film posters and this is one of the best I’ve seen. In fact considering this is complete unique this is better than excellent.


I can see that movie being pretty cheesy, and very silly, but great fun.

“Two thumbs up.” 😉


The only thing I can criticize is that he spelled “gipsy” incorrectly, it should be “gypsy”. 😀 Other than that, I can hardly wait to see if he actually gets together a stop-motion of at least part of the film together! 😉

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