No Escape – A LEGO Zombie Creation

Hey everyone, it’s Thursday once again, which means it’s time for me to venture deep into the bowels of the internet to find us an interesting LEGO zombie creation to check out. This week I have another build from AlexNidhogg, whom I’ve featured several times before. It’s called “No Escape“, and as far as I can tell has absolutely nothing to do with the awesome Ray Liotta film of the same name. Check it out:

No Escape - a LEGO Zombie Creation

What’s Going On

It’s absolute chaos; four survivors are desperately fleeing from zombies, climbing up to what the perceive – or perhaps hope – will be safety. Little do they know, there are more zombies waiting for them there.

What I Like About This LEGO Zombie Creation

The thing that really jumps out at me is how kinetic this build is. There’s just so much action being captured here that the creation feels really exciting, almost like a frame pulled out of the middle of a huge action set piece in a zombie movie. Action can be really hard to pull off in the medium of little plastic bricks, so hat’s off to Alex on this one.

I also love the contrast between the two characters who are climbing, and the two characters who are helping them up. While the former both have a look of absolute terror, the latter are straining with effort, just trying to get their companions away from the pursuing zombies below. Naturally, everyone in the group has tunnel vision, which is likely to be their doom.

Finally, I really think the use of greenery in what is clearly an urban environment presents a nice contrast. It makes this tiny little slice of the world feel lived in and real.

What Could Be Improved

I’m struggling to find things to criticize in this build; it’s just that well done. If I had to highlight anything, it would be a couple of the minor details that I don’t think really add much to the story being told here: the burning cigar on the ground, and the zombie stuck in the bear trap. Both are cool in their own right, but I just don’t see how it enhances the story.

A pretty minor complaint, I’ll freely admin.



Hey thanks!
In fact, this is not a cigare but a grenade, but i agree, not so easy to see 😉
Thanks again!

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