Mini LEGO Zombie Uprising

Hey everyone, it’s time to another LEGO Zombie creation. This time around, we’re looking at “Mini Zombie Uprising” by Wigglesworth Clarke, which is a funny little scene that’s just packed with all sorts of fun details. Check it out:

Mini Zombie Uprising - a LEGO Zombie Creation

So, yeah, there’s a lot going on in this one, which I like every now and then. Let’s break it down.

What’s Going On in this LEGO Zombie Build?

Since there’s no back story on the Flickr page for this creation, I’m going to take a stab at one from the context. This is clearly set in a fantastical world, judging by the ghost, the eyeball scorpions, the crazy clown guy, etc.

The centerpiece of this build is the zombie rising from the grave, having been dug up by… well, whatever the hell the guy with the mustache and face paint is supposed to be (other than terrifying, of course). Now, I think you can interpret this one of two ways. First is that the digger is some sort of witch doctor, who is digging up a recently deceased man to use as part of his zombie slave army. The second – and this is the version I prefer – is that the zombie is the master here, and he is being dug up by his horrifying clown slave as the first step in his evil plans. My evidence to support this? Well, the zombie is nursing a nice pint. Surely his slave brought that along as a bit of refreshment after his time in the grave.

There’s also a ghost here. Make of that what you will.

How’s the Build?

While there really isn’t anything remarkable about the build here, I do like the roots poking out from the open grave, and the 1×1 round plates used as bits of dirt. That’s nicely done.

On the other hand, I wish the base would have been constructed a little better. The mix of colors detracts from the rest of the build, which is something that’s pretty easy to fix.



Actually, I’m not sure I mind the lighter green of the large 16 x 16 plate at all, it kind of gives a creepy substrate feel to the build, as if there’s something out of the ordinary just under the surface, and kinda creeps up on you, making you wonder why it is the color it is, and whether it’s got anything to do with the whole zombie coming back from the grave drama unfolding before you! 😀

He’s making excellent use of a large 16×16 plate, BrickLink element ID 91405, and this is a recently released part from a few years back, in 2011. The fact that it’s a rather peculiar green color suggests that there is something nasty in the lower substrates under where the zombie grave is buried, and that people digging in this cemetery should take care how far down they dig, lest they strike this peculiar looking soil that seems to be contaminated with some kind of radioactive bright green waste product! 😀


I was more focusing on the tan and gray bricks, which looked out of place to my eye.


Well, tan could be considered as compacted sand, a really common grave filler. And as for gray, that simply means that the subsoil there is laden with clay, I’ve seen quite a few subsoils from watching excavations in my younger years, and it was quite common to see gray subsoil laden with clay dug up from it! 😀 So no worries there, it reflects properly what you’d expect to find in real life! 😀


As to why it’s the color it is, it usually means there’s certain impurities in it. Tan, by the way, can also mean hardened sandstone, a rather tricky substrate to dig through, especially if the gravestone was on the edge of a sandy beach or above a dried up and covered over riverbed. 😀

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