Spillage in the Zombie Loading Bay

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Spillage in the Zombie Loading Bay” by MinifigNick is this week’s featured LEGO Zombie Creation, and it’s quite a fun one. Check it out:

Spillage in the Zombie Loading Bay - A LEGO Zombie Creation

Rather than the zombies being mindless automatons with only a single goal in (un)life, these zombies are… well, okay, they’re still mindless. But bear with me a bit here. Where zombies are generally seen as terrible monsters that must be escaped from or destroyed at all cost, here they are valuable member of the workforce.

A very, very low-level member, but a member nonetheless.

What Are These LEGO Zombies Up To?

I think what I like most about this creation is that it reminds me a lot of the epilogue in Shaun of the Dead. After the initial terror of the zombie outbreak, people figured out not just how to survive, but how to use the zombies for everything from manual labor to (lowbrow) entertainment. I’ve always thought that this was a really clever idea that I hadn’t seen used a lot (the excellent Fido being an obvious exception).

In this build, our zombie laborers are working at some sort of loading bay, but their lack of coordination causes problems. Specifically, they’ve managed to drop a create full of TNT on the floor. Hopefully, that’s nice fresh dynamite, not the old stuff that becomes extremely unstable and starts sweating nitroglycerin.

LEGO Zombie Creation Critique

I really like the theme and feel of this creation; we don’t see enough humorous zombie creations, especially those that handle things subtly. I’m a big fan of the official collectible minifig zombie being used here. There are also some really great printed pieces used here, which gives the whole things some nice flavor.

On the other hand, the build itself feels a bit empty. This is a loading bay, presumably part of a warehouse of some sort. It would have been nice to see some accoutrements used: some shelving, crates and boxes, hand trucks, and maybe even a forklift.

Note: Obviously, I’m mixing up the way I do these write-ups a bit. I’m trying to focus more on the build, and use less boilerplate content. Please let me know what you think in the comments. And if you have any suggestions, don’t be shy about those either.

3 thoughts on “Spillage in the Zombie Loading Bay”

  1. Many Thanks for the Blog This was just a quick idea and I do plan to do a larger more detailed Zombie build very soon So watch this space.

    • My pleasure Nick! Hit me up anytime you post a zombie build; I always love checking them out.

  2. oh great, we not only have to worry about being replaced by robots, but now zombies too! Thanks, Nick.

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