4 thoughts on “Fan Art #2 – Disillusionment”

  1. That’s right Dave, those were totally zombies and not innocent civilians. Just listen to the faceless beings who float around you. Sure go ahead and chump it up to pain meds.

  2. Looking pretty buff here Dave!!!

  3. Hah, yes! That’s a golden oldie from last year’s 365-Lego-project. It’s number 112 in april.

    The text that goes with it is:
    “After a long and very harsh time and countless battles…. Dave finally took care of the very last zombie while he spoke his famous words: ‘the world is safe again!’” 😉

    I was planning on doing a guest-comic, but I still have to find the time to make it… and I’m still very impressed by the one Mark made so… I can’t just turn in something… it has to be good.

    Hope your moving is going as planned.

  4. Fighting the undeads with only a knife, barechested and wearing shorts… that’s badass.

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