LEGO Zombie Creation: The Walking Bread

There’s a lot of zombie stuff out there, and most of it is crap. People like to jump on bandwagons and produce quick tie-ins rather than investing love and effort into their creations. Luckily for you, I’m here to help separate the wheat from the chaff. Check back every Thursday, when I’m going to share the coolest zombie-related creation I can find out there on the web.

The Zombie Creation:

This week’s LEGO Zombie creation, “The Walking Bread II” by V&A Steamworks, is an awesome parody of AMC’s The Walking Dead that’s also a promotion for V&A Steamworks’ super cool Kickstarter campaign (learn more about it on Kickstarter) for their new skull heads, which include variants with and without the stud on top.

LEGO Zombie Creation: The Walking Bread

So What’s Going On?

You know The Walking Dead? Well this is basically that, only with gingerbread men (or gingerdead men, if you prefer a pun). They even have the logo down pat.

What I dig here is the staging and photography. Sure, it’s a funny parody, but they play it completely straight by setting up a horrifying scene in which a single survivor is mobbed by an army of the walking bread. The center of the photo is lit, while inky blackness fills in the edges, creating a sense of dread and making our mind fill in that black area with dozens and dozens more zombies.

Let’s Talk About the Zombies

The zombies here are reanimated gingerbread men, who have unfortunately been infected with, I dunno, a zombie infection of some sort (I should totally get credit for not making a crass “yeast infection” joke).

Have you seen a great zombie creation out on the web? Are you working on the next great zombie MOC as we speak? Well you had better let us know right away, otherwise we’ll never be able to include it here.


Legoman 400

Just look at their heads. I have a feeling that the gingerbread maker accidentally dropped a potion of enlargement and then a potion of undead ness on them causing them to reanimate as….. the WALKING BREAD!!!

Foolish Lego

LOL, very nice. Everybody on the net is so nice to these Lego-gingerbread-men…

All though this means Cool chef is going to have a hard time ( ) 😉


And after (2 hours at room temperature) the Walking Dead shall rise!!


They have one fear: A baker armed with a bread knife! Sliced dead bread just can’t walk straight! 😀

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