LEGO Zombie Creation: TV Time

There’s a lot of zombie stuff out there, and most of it is crap. People like to jump on bandwagons and produce quick tie-ins rather than investing love and effort into their creations. Luckily for you, I’m here to help separate the wheat from the chaff. Check back every Thursday, when I’m going to share the coolest zombie-related creation I can find out there on the web.

The Zombie Creation:

This week’s LEGO Zombie creation, “The Governor’s ‘TV Time’” by Project Azazel, is based on one of our favorites: AMC’s The Walking Dead, and, to a lesser extent, the original comic book from Image Comics. It’s one of the more memorable and unsettling images from the series, with the Governor watching his matrix of fish tanks full of disembodied zombie heads. The Governor is a weird dude.

The Governor's TV Time - A LEGO Zombie Creation

So What’s Going On?

After a tough day of being an unhinged dictator over a small population of zombie apocalypse survivors, the Governor decides to relax by sitting in his easy chair with a fine scotch and enjoying fifteen fish tanks containing zombie heads. Yeah, it’s a little weird, but I try not to judge.

Let’s Talk About the Zombies

The zombies here, or what’s left of them anyway, are pretty interesting. Instead of being the lifeless head’s of former zombies, these still have the “gift” of unlife. This shows us that zombies (at least in the world of The Walking Dead) cannot be killed by decapitation, which flies in the face of the conventional wisdom that states: “Remove the head or destroy the brain”.

Of course one could argue that removing the zombies head renders them all but inert. Since they could only harm someone with the calamitously bad luck of tripping into the zombies mouth, they are more or less harmless.

Have you seen a great zombie creation out on the web? Are you working on the next great zombie MOC as we speak? Well you had better let us know right away, otherwise we’ll never be able to include it here.