LEGO Set Review: 2012 Holiday Bonus Set

If there’s one thing I like more than LEGO®, it’s free LEGO®. So when I saw they were offering a free holiday-themed set for purchases over $100, I jumped at it. Of course, the fact that I was already planning on picking up a large set for Christmas helped that decision quite a bit.

2012 Holiday Bonus Set

The Parts:

While the Holiday Bonus Set isn’t huge, it’s got a pretty decent selection of parts. Since there’s quite a few, and we don’t get numbered bags, I’m splitting them in half. First up, plates:

The plates from the 2012 Holiday Bonus Set

Nothing too exciting here, although the curved plates are nice, as are the hinge pieces. I also don’t have a lot of white, so you’ll get no complaints from me.

And everything else:

The other parts from the 2012 Holiday Bonus Set

There’s loads of great stuff here. Two clear minifig hears, three of those new flower pieces in green, a bunch of cheese slopes, a lamp post, etc. This is a great parts set right here.

The Minifigs:

The minifigs are always one of the biggest selling points of a set, and this one doesn’t disappoint, giving us four figures.

The old man

First up is the grumpy-looking driver. He’s quite dour looking, which I like. He also sports a dashing suit and top hat. He’s the only one of the group not to have back-printing.

The woman

I figure this lady is the mom, since she’s the only adult that’s not in charge of driving sleighs around. I like this figure a lot. A nice, smiling female face, and a torso I don’t think I’ve seen before. The pouches on the belt are a little strange (she looks like she belongs in an adventure-themed set), but the torso should be very usable.

The boy

Next up, we have the boy. I love the puffy green jacket, and the fact that he (and his sister) are wearing gloves. He gets a standard kid face, but those are always handy to have on hand. He also gets the stubby legs in light grey, which are useful but sadly lack articulation.

The girl

Little sister is next, and she has one of my favorite female hair pieces. She also gets a nice winter torso print, with a scarf that wraps all the way around. My only gripe here (and it’s pretty minor)  is that she has the same face as the boy; something more distinctly female would be nice.

New articulated horse

And don’t forget the horse. The best part is that it’s one of the new ones that can rear up and look all majestic. I love these things. I can’t wait until they start coming in other colors. We get black ones in the Weathertop set, but we could use more variety.

The Build:

The build itself if quite enjoyable, and creates a nice winter scene.

The sleigh

The sleigh is nice, and features some nice details, like the green plants on the side for decoration. The red color scheme also gives it a nice holiday feel.

The snowy bench

The snowy bench is really nice because it’s just so normal and ordinary. So often these sets are focused on action that little scenes like this seldom show up. The snow has really nice texture to it, and I love the design of the streetlight.

The Verdict:

This is a great little set. You get lots of minifigs, and the completely captures the season. Unfortunately this doesn’t look like something that’s available to buy, but hopefully it’ll show up online at some point.

2012 Holiday Bonus Set Verdict

Grade: 4.5 zombie heads out of 5


Silver Fox

It was available earlier in November/early (Cyber Monday) December as free with any $99 purchase through

I’ve got it, but it’s under the tree, wrapped along with the big Winter Village Cottage this year as a joint gift to myself and my daughter as she was wanting the Cottage too.

I’m eagerly waiting for the 25th so I can unwrap it and officially add it to my LEGO Winter Village collection.


Yep, I picked it up the week before Thanksgiving. Good offer: this set, free shipping, and 10% off my order. Couldn’t pass it up.


I picked this set up with the Winter Village Bakery. The UK deal was spend over £50.
It’s a great little set for all the reasons you’ve already covered 🙂
It’s also helping to expand my Winter Village, I may have to make a larger skating pond.


i dont see whats so great about it, its not any different from any of teh other freakish things from LEGO that ive had!


i dont see whats so great about it, its not any different from any of teh other freakish things from LEGO that ive had! and 10% is nothing


10% is pretty nice when you buy a set like Town Hall and get twenty bucks off.

I dig this set. Good parts, a nice sort of slice-of-life look without weapons, pointless “play features”, etc.


I’m gunning for Bag End, a new wallet, and a few design books. How about you?

By the way, you posted the 20,000th comment on Bricks of the Dead.

legomaster 3700

Yes 20,000 comment beeb counting up for this. All i really want for christmas is to spread christmas cheer,jk i want a iPod touch 5th gen and a girlfriend


I don’t think Santa is in the girlfriend business, you’ll probably have to see to that yourself.

legomaster 3700

Ya i know but im so lonley, and all you out there reading this dont make fun of me you all know who u r

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