LEGO Review: Halloween Accessory Set

LEGO Halloween Accessory SetAs if it wasn’t enough to tempt us with the Collectible Series, LEGO® just found another way to get us to buy even more Minifigures: they call these Minifigure accessory sets/packs, and it’s going to hurt.

Official set description:

Set #: 850487
Pieces: 58
MSRP: $14.99

Go batty over the Halloween Accessory Set!

Scare yourself silly with the LEGO® Halloween Accessory Set! Build a haunted graveyard scene with creepy tombstone, rat, bat, spider and 2 snakes.

There are a lot of strange and unusual things about these new minifig sets.

First off, the box that is made of plastic. This is actually the only thing that really disappointed me here, come-on; think green guys!

Second, and that is perhaps the weirdest thing of all, the minifigures are already built! Sacrilege! I would not be surprised this to be a first in LEGO® history. What is even weirder is that the instructions actually tell you how to build the minifigs, while they are already built. LEGO® inception.

The packaging

The list of oddities does not stop here but it’s a little hard to explain because it is more a question of feeling. The paper of the instructions and the plastic bag are not the ones we are used to see in regular sets. I know, it may sound like a detail but to me LEGO® is a lot about touch and feel so I was actually surprised by these elements.

The Parts

It’s an excellent selection. The dark green plants, dark grey bricks, the animals: all kinds of win.

Halloween Accessory pack parts

The highlight is definitely the printed “RIP” tile. While I would not exactly consider it a part of the set, the greenish printed cardboard that comes with the box is actually a nice element, one I will save and try to use as a MOC backdrop one day.

The Build

Halloween set built

I just love LEGO. Again, this is a total win. With three minifigs and 42 pieces we get this convincing spooky little scene, brilliant. All these elements are great on their own and can be used in numerous creations.

The Minifigures

I won’t dwell too much on the witch and the ghost. These are ok but nothing really special, the witch is an exact copy of the Collectible Minifig Series 2 and the ghost is the Monster Fighter new glow in dark mold available in several sets. The Zombie on the other hand is exclusive to this set. It is the same Minifig as the Collectible Minifig Series 1 Zombie but in a different color. I won’t nitpick here, a change of color is good enough for me and this minifig is a welcome addition to the LEGO Zombie family.

Speaking of which, I think it’s time to take a family picture!

The LEGO Zombie Group Photo

One cannot but notice that in less than two years we have seen the release of a decent official LEGO® Zombie horde. What used to be a niche product of a couple of LEGO® customizers has now become a significant part of the official LEGO® line-up. Who would have thought that LEGO® would go down this road? As Dave recently brilliantly demonstrated in his “Zombie Illustrated History” the Zombie theme is more than ever mainstream. While LEGO® may have their own questionable stance on violence and ethics, it is a business above all… and they have clearly not failed to notice the popularity of the theme. So… who’s your favorite Zombie?

Grade: 4.5 zombie heads out of 5

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I’m tempted by this one, but the price to piece ratio is pretty bad. I might add it to an order or something.


Seems like a lot of money to pay for what amounts to one zombie. It’s a niche set for die-hard collectors hell-bent on having every zombie. It seems to me that the money would be better spent on zombie heads from any of the custom screeners. Just based upon the pictures, I would have rated this set much lower, when judging value alone.


Minifigs always inflate the value, and you have three here. Still, it’s definitely overpriced and counting on it’s unique figure to move sets among the die-hard collectors you mention.

This also strikes me as a potential gift item. Something someone who doesn’t know much about LEGO and pricing would buy, not knowing how badly it’s priced.


Agreed, the price is a bit steep… (and I paid 16.60$.. damned european prices) but I still like it because with a handful of bricks they managed to give an atmosphere to this small set.


If it was ten bucks I’d pick up a couple. At this price point I’m tempted, and if it got me free shipping or something I might pull the trigger.

Silver Fox

I do so want a copy of this set…. I shall have to see how I can manage it.


I bought it just because of the zombie, I missed out on the series one zombie and this was my best chance, because buying one on ebay would cost almost twice as much, here at least I got two extra minifigs. I did feel a little ripped off, but seeing that little zombie next to my other minifigs makes it all worth it.

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