LEGO Review: Zombie Car Polybag

Remember that free shipping and Zombie Car mini-set offer I told you guys about? Well I couldn’t resist, and got the mini-set late last week.

Zombie Car mini-set offer

It’s a pretty small set, at only 60 pieces, but when it comes for free I’m certainly not going to complain. Especially when it includes another much-coveted zombie minifig (I can simply never get enough of those).

The Parts

Zombie Car parts

60 parts isn’t a ton, but there are some pretty great pieces mixed in here. Aside from the zombie, whom we’ll get to in a bit, you also get a few pretty sweet parsts:

  • 5 of the new round tiles
  • 3 small flames
  • A glow-in-the-dark spider
  • 2 new SNOT pieces
  • 3 white spikes/teeth

Not a bad haul, all things considered.

The Minifig

But of course, the real reason people are interested in this set is because it comes with a zombie. It’s not a unique zombie, unfortunately. This same guy shows up in two other sets: The Vampyre Hearse and The Zombies, the latter of which I will review soon. That said, it’s still a zombie and zombies are fantastic, especially in LEGO® form.

The zombie driver minifig

The zombie driver is quite a cool figure. His torn-up uniform has an old-school feel to it, like everything in the Monster Fighters theme, but it still fits in perfectly in a modern setting. The head is different from the previous zombies we’ve seen, sporting a more aggressive look. I’m hoping to get a couple of these to mix into my random assortment of zombie faces.

The Zombie Car

The set itself is a vehicle, which is a little disappointing, but not terribly surprising given LEGO®’s affinity toward vehicles. I would have loved to see a small building or rural scene instead, but I’ll take what I can get.

The zombie car

Luckily, the car is actually pretty darn cool. It’s got a chopped-up, slapdash look to it. The front end looks like a more classic car (if you ignore the fangs), while the backend sports a roll-bar, flames pouring out of the exhaust, and a single brake light that looks like an afterthought. It’s pretty cool.

There are also a few extra pieces, including an extra spike and an extra round tile:

The extra bits

The Verdict

Is Zombie Car worth ordering $75 worth of LEGO® just to get? Probably not. However if you’ve been waiting to put in an order, it’s worth bumping it up to the $75 to get this set (and the free shipping). The car is pretty cool, and I’ll never complain about an extra zombie minifig.

Especially for free.

Grade: 4 zombie heads out of 5


The offer is still good until September 21st, so don’t miss out.



Cool, I have 1 coming up in the mail… It reminds me of last week’s featured creation with the Zombie on a scooter. If zeds start driving cars now, we are really screwed!


There is definitely a zombie mobilization theme here. We should be concerned.


Hah. I’ve seen able bodied people struggle with those things. If a zombie can’t ride one, we’re all screwed.


We do, it runs $15.00. I considered ordering it, but opted to go with something with a better part to price ratio. I am tempted by the brown zombie though.


Did you mean round plate or round tile? Round plates are such common extras in sets nowadays I have no idea why anyone would be pleased to get an extra one! 😀


im not sure if $108 is worth the cost for that little tiny set, im sorry, but its just not.


Where are you getting $108? This is a freebie they throw in when you order other stuff.

legomaster 3700

cool what did u get ,dave instead of da zombie car (dont have 2 answer)

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