LEGO Review: Crazy Scientist and Monster

The Crazy Scientist and His MonsterSet #: 9466
Pieces: 430
RRP: $49,99

Official set description:

Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Major Quinton Steele have stumbled upon the Crazy Scientist’s laboratory. As our heroes reach for the moonstone, the dastardly scientist zaps his ghoulish monster and brings him to life! Can they escape to their car or will the Crazy Scientist’s Monster win the battle and imprison them in the laboratory? You decide!

Initial Thoughts:

“Zaps his ghoulish monster and brings him to life”… seriously?! That’s not something I was expecting to read on an official LEGO set description any time soon! Well, it’s there nonetheless… and the least we can say is that LEGO is doing a bit of a rope dancing when it comes to their stance on violence and moral issues.

If we read the guidelines on what makes an acceptable LEGO (CUUSOO) project we can read:

“Understand that we will not produce products that are related to these topics:

Death, killing, blood, terrorism, or torture

I won’t dwell on this but I will let you appreciate the irony. I also have to ask, why didn’t they just call it “Dr Frankenstein’s monster”?

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, an awesome LEGO set.

This set is one of the largest sets in the MF line, and it represents in my opinion the essence of a good LEGO play set. It features the two opposing factions, a vehicle, a structure that is just large enough to give a feeling of immersion; cool play features… the possibilities of play are very large. A lot of sets are centred on a single vehicle which does not allow for a lot of playability, unless of course you already have more sets in your collection. No such thing here as this set works very well on its own.

The Minifigures:

The minifigs

A team of winners! Each fig has its own style and charisma, they all come with back printing and the scientist has a dual expression (I mean, what more can you ask for?). If the Monster and the Scientist give you a “déjà vu” feeling it’s perfectly normal as very similar MF have been released with the Collector Series… let’s take a closer look.

The Crazy Scientist The Monster

The CMF versions do not have back printing, and they are different enough to be complimentary to these new versions. Well played LEGO.

The Build Part 1: The Car

The car

It is clear to me that the source of inspiration of the designer was a “Citroen DS Special”. If you are too young to know who Columbo is, here is another reference … Patrick Jane’s car in the series “The Mentalist”. The dish and weapons on the roof also remind me of Ecto–1. I have mixed feelings about the end result, the vehicle has some nice angles and others that are not so flattering.

The car in action

There is a funny play feature as the passenger seat can slide to the side, allowing one MF to shoot at the evil monsters! The roof can also seat one Fig and features two “flick fire” missiles. AFOLS hate them, kids love them.

The Build Part 2: The Laboratory

The laboratory

We have a nice modular structure made of a prison cell, a wall featuring some “lab” equipment and a prominent tower. The three structures are connected with hinges but these do not allow lining up the different parts in a straight line, you can only play a little with the angles that are meant to remain acute. The general feel is that this lab is coming straight out of a spooky castle basement.

There are numerous play features:

  • Glow in the dark pieces (a skull in a jar, a spider and a rat)
  • A catapult on the prison’s roof
  • The back wall of the prison can be opened to allow a great escape…
  • The monster’s rack can be moved back and forth using the wheel on the side

The highlight of the set is certainly the “zap machine” that holds a red light brick. The light can be activated by either turning a knob on the back wall of the tower or by turning the “moonstone” on its roof.

I was really impressed by the light brick function. My only experience with these is limited to their basic integration into the “Winter village” sets, and I never saw it as more than a gimmick used to boost the price of a set a little. No such thing here as the effect is really stunning. The red light combined with the yellow neon shaft really manages to give the illusion of a laser… even more impressive in the dark!

The light effect

The Verdict:

Highly recommended! This set holds a great play value for kids and is a delight to adult fans. The bricks are mostly made of dark variations – dark tan, grey… overall a good brick selection, very useful for MOCs!

The Minifigures are absolutely brilliant, the monster’s head is a welcome addition to the zombie collection, the scientist could be easily used in a number of more “mature” creations… as for the heroes they are classy and the steampunk fans will be thrilled about them.

Grade: 5 zombie heads out of 5

Buy The Crazy Scientist & His Monster today!

Additional Imagery:

Creepy science stuff

Car versus lab

A side-view of the car



My pleasure Dave! Reviewing a set is a lot of work but it’s a interesting experience. Just like reviewing a book it forces you to ask yourself why you actually like/dislike some aspects of the build. You also need to pay more attention to the details.


I’ll bet. I’d really like to do more of these. I’ve got one shot that I need to do a write-up on.


Two words: Do. WANT.

There, you sold me. Good job on denting my wallet yet again.

To me, the little clown car is a negative point. I would prefer the set come with more building brick; and it continues to confound me that TLG is so vehicle-centric. I imagine that’s what their focus groups tell them the kiddies want; but as an AFOL I want more buildings and especially more buildings at this price point. I like the steampunk-meets-echto-1 feel of the car. I just don’t need another car, at all. I need buildings.


I couldn’t agree more about the car.

Just like in The Zombies set. Imagine how cool the graveyard could be had they used the brickcount for that rather than splitting it with the car?


You won’t be disappointed, as for the car… well there are a bunch of useful pieces in it (if you like blue ;-))


ive been keeping my eye out for monster fighter sets, im really not all that intested in them


That car is about as much like a Buick in the same way an apple looks like an orange! 😉 The shape’s there but after that it’s rather different to anything I have seen, and it’s built wrongly anyway.

It looks like they took that sloping grill piece – 50946 – and put it on the front but I think what would have been more interesting is if they’d taken the earlier piece that they originally produced – 30947 – and inverted it, and molded the vehicle’s front in curved bricks from the back of that part. Then, perhaps, it would look more like an older model Buick. 😀

As any LEGO enthusiast will tell you, modelling funny shapes is essentially SNOTting around a lot and inverting and transitioning. 😉


Great review! But I think I’ll keep on saving my money for the Haunted House 😉



Greg am I doing the Haunted House or have you already shot it? It will be a few weeks before I find time to go grab it.


Not sure why I didn’t just text or send you an email instead of asking here…hah


That’s ok Evan, I have not yet decided if I’m going to buy this beauty. I’m currently fighting with the S@H over the price of the set, I don’t know if any of you guys have heard about this but during the week-end of the launch, the set was sold for 139.99€ on the French S@H. They now claim it was a mistake and all but some people were nevertheless able to validate their orders. I’m tired of being LEGO’s milk cow so I’m not going to let this go.


Ugh….that sucks.

I strongly advise you to call them . Emails have been spotty but the two times I had to call LEGO they were nothing but overly helpful to me.

See how much it would be to ship from US to Belgium. If I don’t ship it in the actual LEGO box it comes in, I bet you can save money if I just ship polybags and instructions.

I am betting it will fit in this from Medium Box 2

14″ x 12″ x 3 1/2″

13 5/8″ x 11 7/8″ x 3 3/8″


Large Box

12 1/4″ x 12 1/4″ x 6″

12″ x 12″ x 5 1/2″


Thanks Evan, really appreciate the help but I’m not sure I’ll even want to buy it in the end. The fight with S@H isn’t over although I sense that I’m not going to win this one. And if indeed I end up being ignored I think I’m going to have a hard time spending any amount of cash on this one.

Dan B.

I dig the set, but I think I’m still partial to my old Mad Scientist Studio set.

Although I must say, the new werewolf set is a lot better than the old Studio Werewolf set


Yeah, I really like the look of that new werewolf. I need to pick up that set before Monster Fighters disappears.


Thanks for the feedback, I never had any of the studios sets (these were released during my DA), to be honest I did not even know they had already done a “Frankenstein” set!
I looked it up on Brickset, and it does look really cool.

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