Zombie Creation: Climb On! Climb Up!

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There’s a lot of zombie stuff out there, and most of it is crap. People like to jump on bandwagons and produce quick tie-ins rather than investing love and effort into their creations. Luckily for you, I’m here to help separate the wheat from the chaff. Check back every Thursday, when I’m going to share the coolest zombie-related creation I can find out there on the web.

The Zombie Creation:

This week’s creation, “Climb On! Climb Up!” by Med PhotoBlog, was another of my favorites in the 16×16 Challenge (seriously, a lot of really great entries in this one). It’s another vertical build with two tiers, one above and one below the street, with neither of the two locations offering a whole lot in the way of safety.

Up or down? Better choose quickly, because: zombies

So What’s Going On?

I love the little story this creation tells. It all focuses around the survivors trying to escape from a crowd of bloodthirsty zombies. One man looks a little indecisive; he has to choose between going down into the sewer, or up the ladder onto the roof with a couple of well-armed fellows. In the meantime, a fairly sizable horde of zombies is closing in. What’s a guy to do?

Decisions, decisions

Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t know how things have worked out for his buddy, who has already descended into the sewer.

Huh... more zombies down here than I would have thought.

Let’s Talk About the Zombies

The zombies here are of the standard, minifig variety. We get one of the collectible minifigs, and the rest are a nice assortment of randomly zombified minifigs. There’s also some pretty inventive gore.

Sausage gore!

Have you seen a great zombie creation out on the web? Are you working on the next great zombie MOC as we speak? Well you had better let us know right away, otherwise we’ll never be able to include it here.

6 thoughts on “Zombie Creation: Climb On! Climb Up!”

  1. The blood in the drain effect is particularly well done. Lots of great details in this build! But what on earth is Princess Leia doing there?!

    • I always love seeing stuff like that (blood in the drain) build into a creation.

  2. Absolutely love the headshot and the blood dripping through the drain. Love that there is a ton going on – horde up top, zombie in the window, craziness down below.

    Good job!!

    • The headshot perplexed be at first. I thought her hair was on fire. Then I took off my dumbass hat and all became clear.

  3. Ah, this is another one that I liked and very well done.

  4. i love this build mostly the sewer

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