Pandemic 2

So Pandemic 2 isn’t really a zombie game per se. It’s more of a disease simulator. You get to choose whether you’re going to develop a virus, a bacteria, or a parasite, and try to get it to spread across the entire world. The eventual goal is to, of course, wipe out all of humanity…. Read more »

Social Networking

Bricks of the Dead has joined the social media craze. We now have accounts with Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check them out and become a fan and follow us, respectively. Otherwise, you could miss out on some of the awesomeness.

Zombie Creation of the Week: 02.26.2010

Each week I’m going to browse the net and find an interesting Zombie-themed creation. This week’s creation was put together by Jasbrick on Flickr. There is a hell of a lot of high-quality customization work on these figures, and I love the World War II motif. The rest of his galleries are worth checking out… Read more »

Endless Zombie Rampage 2

Here’s another fun zombie flash game. You run around, killing zeds, rescuing survivors, and gathering supplies. You can buy new weapons, character enhancements (perks), and health kits from your home base. Run around using the WASD keys Aim and fire with the mouse Mouse wheel changes weapons R reloads Click here to start kicking some… Read more »

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Boxhead is a series of Flash zombie games in which your block hero tries to survive against increasingly hostile waves of blocky zombies and other monsters. As you go, you’ll gain access to more destructive weapons, like shotguns, uzis, and explosive barrels. Controls are simple: use the arrow keys to move, the space bar to… Read more »

Zombie Creation of the Week: 02.19.2010

Each week I’m going to browse the net and find an interesting Zombie-themed creation. This week’s creation was done by -Mainman- on Flickr. It depicts a run through the zombie-filled desert. A few shots below, but you should check out the whole gallery when you get the chance. If you find anything you think we… Read more »

Renaming the Strip

Well, it looks like I may have chosen a really bad name for the strip. In my haste to use a pun for the title, I didn’t take into account that the word LEGO┬« is a registered, and apparently fiercely guarded trademark. By calling the strip LEGO My Brains, I run the risk of getting… Read more »

Bricks of the Dead: A work in progress

I started this comic on another site, but it never really fit in with the rest of its content. That site was designed for articles and blog posts, so using it for a comic was difficult. I fought it for a while, but I finally came around and setup to host the comic,… Read more »