Episode 22

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
In a lot of zombie movies our characters happen upon someone who looks like they’re ready to kick ass and take names. Just when it looks like a the team is about to gain a valuable new member the camera pans back and reveals that he’s surrounded by more zombies than he can ever hope to handle.


Lich Barrister

Phew… thank goodness for your notes so that I can learn the basics of the films. I’ll see if I get a chance to read “World War Z” in the summer; if I can handle that, maybe I’ll try a film…

Lich Barrister

Not totally; I’ve got some ideas for a post-apocalyptic tale that I’d need to calibrate to people’s expectations, and zombie films seem to be the most necessary subset of that genre.

And “World War Z” is a fictionalized oral history; as a historian (who also has ideas for fictionalized oral histories, come to think of it), I like to keep abreast of the pop history that has currency these days. …then again, I’d likely have to read during babies’ naptime, since I’m guessing that it wouldn’t be appropriate bedtime reading for me. Or for them!


It’s probably not appropriate for their bedtime just yet. WWZ is a pretty fun book; it works like a collect of short stories set in the same universe and chronologically arranged. It uses the oral historian as more of a bookend than anything, although he does pop in on occasion. I quite enjoyed it.


Huh. Do I detect a hint of epicness in this comic? I believe I do. Keep up the excellent work- my daily trawl of the internet’s webcomics needs more zombie bashing.


-Ross Varn


too bad he couldn’t get to his truck. He could of gotten like an IV pole or something. On Z-day its good to go double weaponed. And that saw was gonna run out at the most important moment anyway.


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