Episode 42

About this Episode:
I threw in some unnecessary wide shots in this episode because I really like how this (admittedly simple) set came out. Since this is probably the last time I use it, at least for a while, I figured it needed a bit of exposure.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
The phrase “sour grapes” is often misused. Many people believe that it stems from being a bad sport, but it’s really just one of our more basic coping mechanisms. If we can’t manage to get to those grapes it okay because they were probably sour anyway. The same thing goes from failed relationships. If the head cheerleader turns you down, don’t sweat it, she’s probably a total bitch anyway.



Many expresions are often misused. I say verily all the time and only today learned what it actually meant. Turns out, I actually have been using it corectly anyway. On another note this is posibly the best comic 42 ive ever seen. Iv seen at least 6 comic 42s though they wernt that good. Especialy not mine.


It’s funny how stuff passes into popular usage like that.

Pretty funny that you’ve been usual “verifly” accidentally correctly for a while now.



I think the fire could be better. There is a lego castle set that has at least 2 flames. There is also three swords and two pikes and two sticks and a crossbow.


I have a bunch of those fire pieces. I made this fire with some of the newer, smaller ones. It could have been more obviously fire, though.


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