Episode 750: No Time to Stop

Zombie Cliche Lookout: The Strength of Denial

No one likes dealing with uncomfortable truths, but one sign of maturity is that person will prefer the ugly truth to the comforting lie, or at least have the ability to cope with those truths. Of course, any crisis is a crucible to test our coping abilities. Many fail this test, and will simply refuse to admit the truth of the situation. They will continue moving along in whatever trajectory they were already on, even if that will lead to obvious disaster. This presents itself in a number of different ways in the zombie genre, but the most obvious example is where a person will hide a zombie bite despite knowing what the long term consequences of that bite are.

About this Episode:

I’m not sure how clearly this came out, but my idea with the first panel was that Vicky was jumping in front of her kids to prevent the zombie from getting to them. If you recall, Teddy was in between Vicky and the zed in the previous episode.

Also, if you look closely in the second panel, you can see that Vicky has lost her weapon after being tackled by the zombie; it’s in the lower left portion of the frame. Things aren’t looking good for her.

Discussion Question: Doomed to Fail

One of the staples of the zombie genre is that survivors typically stay alive due to some sort of positive characteristic about themselves. Sometimes it’s that they are virtuous and morally right. Other times it’s that they have an innate sense of mental toughness. Regardless, characters are firmly divided into two camps: those that can hack it, and those that cannot. For today’s discussion question, I want to talk about that latter group. What about a person would push them into the majority of the population that just isn’t destined to survive the zombie outbreak?



Typo alert: “They will continue moving along in whatever trajectory the were already on” the–>they 😀


Well, is Clark going to help Vicky or not? I mean, he’s closer to her than the kids are, and could at least giver her weapon back. I mean, even if she is getting overrun by zombies, surely he should’ve at least made an attempt.

It’s also looking like Clark will have to deal with Vicky as a zombie, too, unless he does something about her becoming one, and quickly. Once bitten, turning into a zed is simply a matter of time.

We know from experience just how fast that can happen in this comic, so hopefully Clark is going to snap out of it and actually do something. Or did that hit from the truck knock him about worse than was first thought?


Clark is definitely struggling here. He’s going to have to get his shit together quickly if this plan is going to work.

Pepper Valentino


Someone who trusts too easily, will become a victim pretty early on into the apocalypse.

But if someone is too paranoid, and never trusts anyone, they will never be able to be part of a group.
And we all know, you can only survive so long on your own.

Pepper Valentino

Happy Birthday to Me!😀 🎂

I just hope my favorite character (Clark) makes it out of this alive!


Happy Birthday! And here’s hoping for many more!…but that’s not guaranteed in a zombie apocalypse… 😉


Dave… really? C’mon, these kids just lost their dad… you monster!
This is not the turn of event I was expecting. I was more thinking that Vicky would go completely berserk and actually prevail over the zombie using her “get-away-from-her-you-b****” mom super-powers.
Ha well… I guess reality is the b****.

Pepper Valentino

You’re right.
Are we sure Dave has a wife and kids?

Because Dave doesn’t seem like a family man, at all!

He killed Sam’s pregnant wife.

He slaughtered most of the family at the chapel.

He killed “Family Man” Ted. 🙁

He had Tara leave her father to die alone.

And now these kid’s are about to watch their mother be eaten alive! 🙁

Dave is a sick man, disguised as a family man.

Haha! 😉


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