Episode 71

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Assholes, if they’re assholes long enough, are going to get called onto the carpet for their actions. How they handle this confrontation is going to help develop them as a character. If they’re shocked and horrified to see their actions pointed out to them, we’re probably looking at a character who is in the middle of a redemption arc. However, if they defend or completely dismiss their actions, this is a character who is either irredeemable, or who requires a rather nasty wake up call.



I sincerely hope nobody says “bite me”, because after Jeff turns, he just might! 😀


I noticed that in panel 3, there’s a slight typo. Jeff says “We’re” which should be “We’ve”. Poor Jeff. He gets bitten and the anchor guy turns on him. I really hope the anchor guy gets bitten next so he sees what Jeff’s going through right now.

Lich Barrister

Are there differences of defense, though? A mere emotional defense – somewhat hysterical, or ill-founded, or too rooted in the pop culture tropes – versus a more logical defense or a measured discussion of how the need for proactive defense should outweigh other factors could result in different outcomes, no?

Or do the writers like to get the characters who stand in for those people who criticized them or fired them in the past? 😉


Of there are absolutely differences. In this case, we have a guy who has probably gone without sleep for a long time acting scared and irrationally. He’s not benefiting from the normal filters he would enjoy over his words.

Oh, and writers love stand-ins.


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