Episode 57

About this Episode:
More fun with flashlight effects. Again, I’m fairly happy with the results, but I’m even happier with the fact that Jeff dropped the damn thing so I don’t have to monkey around with lighting anymore.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
It doesn’t matter how tough, fast, or careful you are, at some point, someone in your party is going to get munched on by a zombie. It generally starts with a secondary or tertiary character, just to establish the rules and remind the audience that things are, indeed, serious. Before long the writer’s blood-lust will need to be sated again, but he’ll need to up the ante.  So if you’re in a zombie outbreak scenario, and it’s been a while since someone’s been bitten, watch out. Especially if you’re a supporting character whose death will have a devastating emotional effect on the protagonist. In that scenario you’re as good as dead.



Hmm well, there’s another character possibly gone to the zombie army. I thought some of those zombies wandering around looked like they’d been minor characters previously. I wonder if I’m right to think that the zombie’s bite converts their victim into a zombie? 😀


Well, there are two schools of thought on that one:

1. Everyone is infected with the zombie disease, and when they die, they turn. The zombie bite is just, for lack of a better term, totally nasty and 100% fatal.
2. The zombie disease is only spread through fluid exchange, primarily bites.

I like both, personally. Which one I used in BotD will be revealed in good time.


now i will explain it for duies:the zombie went all nom nom on the guy so the guy goes zombie and has to nom nom other pepole.


Who wouldnt buy such a publication? Apart from sensible people and those with active social lives of course. And the iliterate. And those with zombiephobia.

You know, maybe that was a badly thought out statement. *sigh*


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