Episode 53

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
I like to call this The Scooby Doo Technique: you need to cover a large area quickly, but there’s some scary/dangerous stuff going down. What’s the best approach? Split up and hope for the best (of course on Scooby Doo they generally broke into teams and could count on the buddy system). The fact that there are piles of corpses everywhere and flesh-eating cannibals wandering around doesn’t seem to bother any of the protagonists, as they happily split off from the safety of the group to find some dark corner to explore.



Well, two pairs of them can cover ground faster than they can as one group. They shouldn’t split up more than that though, or else they can’t have one keeping an eye out while the other searches. And keep radio contact all the time. Don’t have radios? Then stay in earshot. (And while it didn’t occur to me the first time around, given the number of cops that bought it here, they really should have been able to scrounge up some radios if they didn’t already have them)


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