Episode 526: Just Like Last Time

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Collateral Damage

In most zombie stories, people fire weapons with reckless abandon. It’s sort of one of the guilty pleasures of living in the zombie apocalypse: you can be completely negligent if you want to, and who wouldn’t? People walk around with their fingers on the triggers (which makes me absolutely crazy to see on TV and in movies), they shoot randomly without clear targets, and constantly point their guns at each other to win points in an argument. These are all things that, in real life, would almost certainly lead to tragedy sooner or later.

Of course, sometimes reality does rear its ugly head, although this is usually only done to prove a specific point or setup a plot obstacle.

About this Episode:

I was really tempted to have Murphy directly address the fact that Brent had shot him, but it just seemed petty and mean spirited. Ultimately, I thought it was funnier when he simply strongly implied it instead. It’s going to take Brent a while to live that one down.

Discussion Question: Biggest Fear

In the last episode, I asked everyone here what their scariest nightmare was, and you guys had some incredible stories. I want to do something similar this time around, and talk about the things that you’re most afraid of. Like last time, I’ll go first.

My first fear, and one I’m fairly certain I’ve addressed here a time or two, is crowds. They make me very, very uncomfortable, and I avoid them at all cost. When I can’t avoid them, I can feel my pulse getting faster and my blood pressure ticking up. I’m also not a big fan of heights, especially after almost falling off my parents’ roof a couple of years ago when I was helping them with new shingles. I won’t be going up on a roof again any time soon.



Typo alert, Zombie Cliche Lookout, first paragraph, third sentence, after the brackets: the–>they


I sure hope someone is watching those zombies, because with time, the zombies might move so they’d see these people just standing here, having a discussion and wander over for a free meal. 😀 One trope I see a lot in movies and TV shows is that one party is discussing something with other people which inevitably sets up a distraction for a third party to interrupt or cause chaos. Since zombies are around, they’ve always got to be really careful and be on the lookout for trouble from any direction. 😉


I think Murphy should start calling Brent “Dead eye”. Because if I was Murphy it would take a while before I let it go (no reference to the movie, of course). As far as fears go heights, more so if someone is with me and suffocating. I have asthma and have enough issues, so that whole breathing thing is not always working for me.


In high school I took a public safety class, and one day we had to do a firefighting obstacle course. Part of that course was navigating around some things completely blind, and with a malfunctioning O2 tank. You could breath, but you had to manually give yourself air.

It freaked me out more than I ever would have thought.


Death by fire. Yep. I can think of many ways to go, even gruesome ones. I’m not afraid of fire per se, I think it’s rather awesome. But to die burnt alive? Nope, nope, nope. I’ve told my wife, when declared dead, stab me in the heart to make sure; I am not about to wake up in a crematorium!


A weird minor one for me. Losing/breaking my teeth. I have slightly week teeth, apparently. A few years ago, I bit into something and one just chipped right off. Luckily, it was fixable. But, I keep waiting for the next time when I lose a chunk of tooth so big that I *can’t* fix it. This even ties in with yesterday’s discussion because sometimes I dream my teeth are all falling out.


I think if they lure the zeds away they can pick them off without putting the residents of the cabin in any danger??


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