Episode 52

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Ask any police officer, firefighter, paramedic, etc. about gallows humor and they’re tell you it’s an essential part of the job for a lot of people. Seeing horrible things on a daily basis is a severe psychological strain that must be relieved, so what better method than inappropriate jokes? Characters in a zombie story are undergoing the same type of stress, only turned up to eleven.



I seriously doubt a zombie would be after these people’s brains. They are at best a store-bought generic brand ice-cream (the kind with a taste as cheap as the price tag) and at worst a rotting apple pie in the brains department. I’m pretty sure even zombies have some taste requirements in the quality of their victims.

That being said, why haven’t they figured out that what they saw over 12 hours ago (maybe 24?) is not what is currently happening?


These zombies don’t eat brains, just flesh. The whole “Brains” thing is only part of the zombie culture because of the Return of the Living Dead movies. It’s funny, but not exactly canon.

As far as their not figuring it out, I think they realize that some shit went don’t, but don’t really comprehend the extent of it yet. Remember, they turned off the TV before the safe zone was compromised.


Internal consistency is what really matters. Genre rules are made to be broken, but sloppiness is still sloppiness.


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