Zombie Cliche Lookout: You Are Not Your Job

Fight Club quotation aside, this is very much a zombie or post-apocalyptic trope. A person’s profession is often a large part of their personal identity. In addition to the loss of income and security, the blow to your identity is one of the big stressors that comes with losing your job. Of course in the zombie apocalypse that blow is lessened somewhat by the fact that everyone else is in the same boat, and that you have more pressing concerns than updating your resume. Like not getting eaten.

Nonetheless, that job is something people tend to hold onto for a variety of reasons. For some, it gives them a sense of security, for others, their job is a source of respect within the group. This latter reason comes up a lot in zombie movies, especially for characters who were soldiers or police officers before the end of the world.

About this Episode:

I’ve been waiting for a character to challenge Murphy’s authority, which he has received pretty much completely by default. The problem was that I didn’t have a good character to take this approach, which is why I’ve been developing Inez and Brent a bit. Now, Brent is kind of an idiot, but Inez is just the sort of person to do it.

Other News:

This Monday is Labor Day in the United States, so Bricks of the Dead will be closed in observance of the holiday. We’ll pick things back up on Tuesday with a review. As always, apologies to those who don’t have a holiday weekend.

Discussion Question: Inherent Authority

Do certain people have inherent authority? Now I’m not talking about people who are natural leaders, or just loaded with charisma. I’m talking here about drawing on nothing more than the job they had before the zombies show up. Think Rick from The Walking Dead here. It always bothered me that he was just assumed to be in charge, despite showing up to the group long after it was already established.