Zombie Cliche Lookout: Imminent Peril

There’s a pretty well-established rule in horror movies that says, essentially, “only idiots with a death wish split up.” It turns out that this is a well-established rule for good reason, because splitting up is almost always a bad idea (except on Scooby Doo when no one was ever horrifically murdered, more’s the pity). If you break your group, odds are one or more of you is going to get murdered. That’s just the ways things go.

Of course, people often forget about this. There are times when splitting up makes sense, at least on some levels. There’s a lot to do and you can get it done a lot more quickly if everyone takes a different job. And sometimes the story lulls them into a sense of false security. They split up, and no zombies show up to eat people, at least not right away. Things go pretty well for a while. So well, in fact, that people let down their guards. And suddenly, zombies.

About this Episode:

I haven’t done a single-panel episode in a while, so why not now? I don’t like to do them too often because I worry that it’ll look like a cop out (and maybe it would be).

Other News:

I’ve been trying to review more stuff lately, rather than mostly books. I just received an invite from Telltale Games to review The Wolf Among Us. Since it’s not zombie related, I wondered if you guys would be interested in me reviewing, or perhaps irritated if I did. I know we’ve got some werewolf fans here, so let me know in the comments.

Discussion Question: Does the Love Story Work?

In the last episode, I asked you what your biggest pet peeve was in zombie stories. One person said that tacked on love stories was a huge annoyance, and I have to completely agree. But that made me think, is this arc with Sam and Sarah a tacked on love story? Because make no mistake, this is my attempt at a love story. Make of that what you will.