Episode 439: Closing Darkness

Zombie Cliche Lookout: Farther and Farther

When characters in a zombie story get stuck somewhere, they begin to search for some possible means of escape. This generally involves some sort of very creepy, underused exit. These things are often dark, cramped, and filled with cobwebs. Since the survivors don’t know if it’s safe, so one brave soul takes the plunge first to clear the way. It’s creepy enough at first, but they can at least look back and see the way out, and hear the other survivors. But as they get father along, they can no longer see where they’re coming from, and the realization that they’re completely alone becomes a paralyzing fear.

About this Episode:

I’m trying to make the tunnel darker and more foreboding the farther along Sam progresses, and I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming out so far. When I built the model, I made the ceiling out of grates, which I am now covering up to let less and less light inside. I’m hoping it makes for a nice non-verbal way of showing progress.

Discussion Question: Dark, Tight Spaces, or Loneliness?

Put yourself into the shoes of the poor scout who has to creep through the darkness to see if the escape route is safe for everyone else. What would be the most intimidating prospect of the three: the fact that it’s completely dark, that you’re moving through a very cramped space, or that you’re completely alone.

It’s a tough call for me. If I’m speaking logically, I’d have to go with the darkness, simply because I wouldn’t be able to see any possible dangers ahead of me. I could run right into a zombie, or fall into a hole and hurt myself. That’s no go. Of course, I’m not completely practical, and the emotional side of me is saying that being alone would bother me far more.



Typo alert, Zombie Cliche Lookout: Last sentence: become–>becomes
About This Episode, second sentence: build–>built 😀

Foolish Lego

I Like that Sam’s expression finally changed (maybe a comic too late imho). Again a really good job technically speaking. Not only the disappearing of the light, but also the progressive blurring of the background gives a claustrophobic, lonely feeling, it also feels like Sam is losing something… everything really, a rebirth of SAm ad the world around him from the darkness below… *sigh… I’m rambling again, that’s something your comic does to me 😉

Concerning your question; the alone only would bother me if there was suppose to be someone else near (like with Sam). As I see it now being alone per see wouldn’t bother me that much. From a practical point of view it would be the combination of dark and a (really) cramped space that would likely get me killed. The dark for the reasons you describe yourself, the cramped space only if it would really inhibit my movement.

Something completely different; Do you know if the BCN-community still alive and kicking? I’m looking to join (having technical trouble registering though… already send an e-mail to the admins)


I see what you mean about the expression changing. My reasoning was that, before his flashback was interrupted, he was putting on a brave face for Sarah. Now, his confidence is shaken.

I’ve been pretty lax on the BCN lately. As far as I know, it’s still kicking. I check in there every now and then, but it’s definitely slowed down a lot. Let me know if the admins don’t get back to you and I’ll reach out to Louise for you.

Superblok2 (AKA Shifted_Beef)

I’m odd in a lot of senses, but being reverse claustrophobic is one of my biggest weird traits. I have a crippling fear of vast open spaces, specifically on flat ground. I climbed Mt. Terenaki in New Zealand and the open space was intoxicating. I LIKE small cramped spaces. Also, if the space is small, you don’t really have to worry about something grabbing your shoulder from the side.
The dark combined with loneliness would really get to me, as I am an extremely social person, and some residual fears still cling to me from when I was a child.


Ah, dammit! Would you believe I made that same typo two other times and caught those? I have a rough time with that one.


Dark, alone, cramped.. in that order. But if I were in Sam’ shoes what would really scare me is leaving my wife alone.
Good job on the pictures Dave!
I’m thinking that Sam should have his arms stretched out in front of him as he progresses into the tunnel… or at least he should be using the crowbar as a blind stick of some sort. I don’t know if it would translate well in terms of MF posing but this is what people typically do when they walk in the dark.. unless they are in a familiar environment which is obviously not the case here.


Neither actually, I usually prefer to go alone into things. I tend to preform better and work better. But that being said I kind of like having people around if I”m going into a dangerous situation. As for being in a cramped dark place? I feel more comfortable in such situations.


I really like your technique for lighting the tunnel Dave, looks really cool!
with regards to the discussion question…. I not good with cramped places, I’m rather tall (6’4″) so hate being in places where I can’t move freely. Not too bothered about being in the dark or alone…just restricted movement that gets me.


The tiny, cramped space would be the one to get to me first. The thought of getting stuck or not able to turn around… *shudder* Dark doesn’t bother me, per se, but I will freak myself out with my own imagination. However, I have good hearing so would be okay as long as I didn’t hear something shambling toward me.


I would have to say that in that situation, the cramped space would disturb me the most. There would be no escape! The dark, not so much, since I have pretty decent night vision and I *should* be able to hear something coming. Being alone would have to be a very close #2 though. I’d always prefer having someone watch my back!


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