Episode 116

About this Episode:
Hey, remember these guys? Yeah, it’s been a while. Anyway, I replaced Stewart’s hat with one of those new, smaller ones because they just seem to fit better and look more like a real baseball cap.

Zombie Cliché Lookout:
Stressful times tend to bring out people’s baser personalities and vices. Drinkers drink, over-eaters eat, and people with anger management issues throw temper tantrums. Keeping these issues in check is often used as a sign a maturity. More often than not, maturity in the face of crisis is one of the defining character traits of a leader (along with the ability to make decisions and they way they garner the respect of their peers). When a character is shown to go out of his or her way to act immature, odds are the writer is highlighting this to demonstrate just how unsuitable a leader this person would be.



I’ve been waiting for this, we’re back with Sam and Co. YYYYYAAAAY!

the dude person

1. It’s great to cut back to the original storyline!

2. It’s great to cut back to the original storyline! That was a long flashback! Huzzah!

3. It’s great to cut back to the original storyline! That was a long flashback! Huzzah! So awesome!

4. That was a long flashback! Huzzah! So awesome!

…FOUR comments.

(“Excited-er than thou.”)


Ahh yes, the inevitably missing can of creamed corn…mmm….tasty ;P If it were me, and I were throwing a tantrum, i’d probably bash out the TV or something with a baseball bat–because of teh simple fact that I could. Then again the sound would probably attract more zombies, but then I could get out my frustrations by kicking some Zed heads! Yea!!!!! lol


I take it those noises are probably zeds who’ve found the scent of fresh meat? 😉


I’d still have my money on the zeds. Because you just know they’re going to stumble upon them at the most inopportune moment! It’s practically demanded of them, sometimes! 😀


I notice that my traffic seems to go up whenever zombies show up. I like getting more traffic, so those zombies outside are probably going to play an important role at some point 🙂

Silver Fox

They showed him on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not didn’t they?


…maybe the skeleton still has some meat around the ribs…:D


Is this Stewart’s own personal freak-out, or just a quick “I feel better now” blowing off of steam?


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