The LEGO Batman Movie Review

I asked myself a question before going to the theater to see The LEGO Batman Movie with my six year-old daughter: am I going to see a Batman movie, or am I going to see a LEGO movie?

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

It might not be the best Batman movie ever. It might not be the best LEGO movie ever too.
But it’s actually pretty close to both at the same time!

The LEGO Batman Movie doesn’t bring what you would expect to the table. It brings more; way more. Well, I should say WAAAYYYY MOAR!

Believe me, I watched all the trailers, and there are a lot of them. You don’t see one third of what you’ll see in the movie. Not even close. It’s crazy; I’ve never seen a cast like this one.

To me this story could have take place right after Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, as the movie heavily relies on the relationship between Batman and the Joker. Would have fit perfectly if you don’t pay attention to some anachronisms.

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

Most of Nolan’s issues are portrayed here: the loneliness of Batman and his willingness to exclude himself from anything close to a family, the way the Joker needs attention, acting as tormented as we all know him.

The movie doesn’t struggle to make children enjoy every second of it, which makes our hero not so dark after all. Actually this could be my only slight complaint: the content is pretty huge and it’s hardly fitting in a 105min format. Unfortunately, you don’t have the luxury to admire the building because the action just never stops.

You may also pick out lots of allusions (my favorite might be when they refer to every plans the Joker tried and failed with to destroy Gotham), not only to Batman’s world but maybe not enough to the LEGO universe (obviously less than in The Lego Movie).

“LEGO-ly” speaking, I think the buildings were more sophisticated than in the first movie, huge sets (I know it’s 3D but just imagine for a second being able to build such things… Wow!). They kept the stop motion style for movement which is obviously the best way to give minifigs life.

The LEGO Batman Movie Review

One major upgrade (and I’m a big fan of it) is that they made guns’ sound effects actually sound like they were made with mouths. This was important because this might be the only little thing that makes you feel like you are the director of your own LEGO adventure. You know, like you’re playing with the billions of bricks you have in front of you very own eyes. This feeling is less present than last time but you can still feel it at times, that was important to me.

I can’t forget to mention the soundtrack. It’s simply great.

Anywho (sorry I love the way this non word sounds!), The LEGO Group hit another home run with The LEGO Batman Movie. After a first shot two years ago, I’m starting to ask myself if they are not trying to compete with Disney or Pixar.

I say that because as I’m writing this review I’m also watching their third movie trailer:The LEGO Ninjago Movie. And it looks awesome. Again.

4 zombies heads out of 5



Thanks for the review. I’m looking forward to checking this out. If it’s on par with The LEGO Movie, I’m pumped.


It’s as good but not in the same way… This one feels more like a “movie”.

I like the fact that they made pretty different movie but managed to kept most of the good stuff.


That’s interesting. The LEGO Movie did seem more like a bunch of fairly disparate scenes held together by a meta narrative. Sounds like Batman is a bit more traditional, which isn’t a problem for me.


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