LEGO set review: Raptor Rampage

Set: #75917
Pieces: 324

Set Overview

On the back of the recent release of Jurassic World there has been a bunch of LEGO® sets released with it. I picked a couple of them up, and here is a review of the middle sized set with the Raptors, everyone loves the Raptors right?

Out of the Box

In this set we have three main bags, the raptors in pieces in their own bags, two instruction manuals and a sticker sheet. The sticker sheet being loose means there was some minor damage to a couple of the stickers, however I haven’t put them on for the purposes of this review as I had my two daughters assisting me while I was building it and stickers would have been fair game to the younger one!

Out of the Box

The Build

We start off with bag one building the chassis of the truck, there is some cool techniques used in this section to give the chassis some real strength, a combo of technic pins, plates and standard pieces are used to give a really strong base to work with. Bag two allows us to build the cab of the vehicle which is a pretty standard box build with some doors and a windscreen, the one bit I took notice of here was how they created the wing mirrors with the extra lights attached to them. A good technique to remember on future MOC builds. The tires they used on this model are rather soft and large, which helps give it the all terrain 4WD feel that a vehicle like this would need.

The Build

So now we have the truck built, bag three gives us the back unit which again wasn’t very interesting or challenging from a build perspective as it is just a box with a couple of handles outside, interesting thing about the back unit however is that it slides onto the chassis and attaches to the driving cab with three technic pins. This means it can be detached rather easily during play, or when dropped by my assistant without having to deconstruct anything else on the vehicle. Interior details is limited to some shelves and a couple of computers, and on the roof of the unit we have the “shooting thing” play feature that so many LEGO® sets seem to have now days, I’m not complaining this time though as is can be detached very easily and left elsewhere and ACU trooper that uses it is awesome as seen later in this review.

The Build

This completes the build, I haven’t put the stickers on as the youngest assistant would have them peeled off in no time at all, the stickers themselves are pretty cool sporting “battle damage” scrapes and cuts from Raptor claws.

The Build


I’m going to start with the no name ACU trooper here. He has a single print face as he is sporting a baseball cap and would look strange with a dual face head obviously, the print on the torso is a nice patterned uniform with ACU and a tactical harness on it and looks good, over the top of this however goes a actual tactical vest piece which has ACU stamped onto it. This trooper mini will be of interest to those making MOCs that require tactical gear, if you can get over the light blue colour or build that into your characters story then you have some good air time with this trooper and his vest. He utilises the tranquiliser gun previously seen in the original Dino LEGO® sets and is the one who mans the play feature on top of the truck.

The Minifigs

Owen and Claire come next, both have dual print faces and hair pieces that fit their characters along with hiding the second face. The print on the Claire torso reflects her clothing in the movie after she gets ready to go into the wild with Chris Pratt’s character Owen, she also has a smartphone accessory although there are no high heels to be seen (hah!). The print on the Owen torso is a bit more detailed as we have him rocking his vest along with his knife sheathed on his back, and reflects the character well, he gets an actual knife to hold, and also gets his motorbike which is two moulded pieces that clip together with a headlight added.

The Minifigs

Last but not least we have Blue and Delta, the Velociraptors. They came in separate bags and the head, limbs, and torsos were separated in the bag as well, so good care has been taken with packaging. The limbs and heads have technic connections and they clip together nice and easily. The print on them is done well and Blue has the distinctive stripe which her name is derived from. There are also two head camera harnesses that clip around the neck and head as per the movie action. Personally I prefer the LEGO®  Raptors without the camera harness as being LEGO® the harness is rather bulky and hides a lot of the head of the Raptors. The raptors look great, have moveable limbs and a rubbery tail so it is less likely to break or stab some poor kid (or clumsy adult) so I am happy to have added these to my collection.

The Minifigs

Final thoughts

The truck is a pretty easy build and is quite simple in its design; I would have liked to have had a ladder on the side of the vet unit, and maybe a bit more detail like an antenna or something on top, however it isn’t a bad vehicle and lets be honest it isn’t really the “focus” of this set. One thing I love about the truck set up is that the turret play feature on the top can be easily removed without any hassle or impact on the overall look.

Considering this is the mid sized set of this release I think it will be the most popular due to the minifig mix it gives us. The two main human characters, and two Dinosaurs in the one set makes it a strong pull, especially when you compare it to other sets where we just have the supporting cast of humans with a single Dinosaur.

Seeing as though this is a zombie LEGO® comic site, I’d like to point out that this truck could be modified and have some accessories added to it to make it a good post apocalypse vehicle, it has AT capability, large capacity back unit, the driver is high off the ground, can take a beating from full grown raptors, and it even has a turret seat on the roof for lookout/zombie control duty. Another highlight for the MOC creators out there is the ACU trooper with his torso print and the combat vest piece as mentioned above.

Overall, this is a decent set with a good vehicle in it, however the mini figs and in particular the Raptors bring this set up a grade in my eyes. If you are planning on buying any of the Jurassic World sets, I’d recommend starting with this one.

4 zombies heads out of 5



Thanks Dave, and in answer to your conundrum… Raptors always win 🙂

Plus, the ACU trooper is wearing gloves, so can easily his head to a yellow and that’s sorted.

PS: Did I not send you the raptor photos? My bad if I missed them!


Truck looks cool indeed. The interior is unusually well described for a LEGO vehicle (not from the LEGO Friends collection that is).

That said, I don’t really like the turret over it (I didn’t see the movie) and I think it’s a bit too much elevated. Just being picky here LOL.

Colors remind me of the actual LEGO City Police designs. Which I like a lot.


The turret doesn’t exist in the movie, it has been added to the set as the obligatory “fire something play feature” that a lot of Lego sets seem to have now days, and I’m not a fan of the turret on the roof either.

Great thing about the turret is it disconnects really easily and doesn’t effect the truck structure at all, so you can remove it and put it away 🙂

In regards to the colours, Lego must be loving the fact that Jurassic World uses the same colours as their City Police sets, makes producing this stuff a lot easier I’d imagine.

Darius Buco

An AU$80 set that contains only 324 pieces is awful value and there s no way to sugarcoat that fact, even when you take the two awesome Velociraptors and 3 above average minifigures into consideration. What s a rugged Hollywood lead without a sexy ride?


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