LEGO Zombie Creation of the Week: Bloodborne

This week’s LEGO Zombie Creation is a bit of a stretch. It’s based on the game Bloodborne, produced by From Software, who made Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls one and two, all of which are infamous for their difficulty. While Bloodborne is a bit different from the previous games, it revolves around combating all sorts of horrific monsters, undead and otherwise. So, yeah, it’s not exactly a zombie survival build. Despite that, it’s absolutely steeped in a beautiful gothic horror aesthetic, so I think it’s a good fit here. Take a look:

LEGO Bloodborne - Gothic Horror

What’s Going On?

This creation, built by Young Lego, appears to be based on one of the early boss fights in the game. In it, you take on a crazed monster hunter named Father Gascoigne. This fight takes place in decrepit church cemetery in the dark of night, adding greatly to that classic horror look. The whole game is like this: darkly beautiful. I’d nice to see it pulled off so effectively with minifigs here.

What I Like?

The staging his is absolutely spot on. The character in the foreground looks overwhelmed and at great risk, while the attacker looks powerful and evil. I love the grass in the foreground, which is a nice and easily-missed detail. The full moon in the background is also incredible.

What’s really striking about this creation is the lighting. Perhaps because I’m not very good at low-light shooting myself, I’m always extremely impressed when people do it well like this.

What Could Be Improved?

I would love to see more of this scene built out with LEGO. It wouldn’t have to be much, just a few crumbling tombstones and statues being overcome with vegetation. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind creations with minimalistic builds, but this is so well done I want to see what else he/she could have done with bricks.



What a shot! This is a great example of how far LEGO photography has come these past years. I wonder how much of this is done post-processing, it would be interesting of seeing the original shot against the final result.


Oh yeah, I’d love to see the setup too. I’ve seen people do pretty nice looking stuff by just photographing the build in front of a photo or a monitor.


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