LEGO Set Review: The Wizard Battle

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LEGO Wizard Battle

Being a Kiwi, a Tolkien fan, and a LEGO® nut means that my LEGO® budget has been dominated by the release of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit LEGO® sets in the recent past. Thus far I have collected all of the available first release sets, and am now working on the second release sets which have recently hit the shelves. So I thought I’d offer my services to Dave and the Bricks of the Dead community and do some reviews as I build the sets up. So here is my first go, and today I’m reviewing the smallest second release set The Wizard Battle, so lets get on with it.

*Disclaimer* I have discovered my little point and shoot camera really struggles to photograph a single LEGO® minfig to show off the detailing etc, nothing was working and the best I could get was picking them up and focusing it that way, so I now have an even greater appreciation for what others do with their photography of LEGO®. I’m hoping mine will improve as I get more practiced at it with future reviews, and perhaps a better camera needs to be on the shopping list.

Out of the box

So out of the box you get two bags, the instructions, and two loose 2×14 plates. Inside the big bag is the cardboard packaging looking after Saruman’s cloak, and Saruman’s hair piece is in a separate little bag on it’s own to keep it safe. Well packaged, and the box seems to be a bit smaller than past packaging so things weren’t rattling around inside much at all.

The Wizard Battle unboxed

The platform and throne

The build is pretty simplistic as you’d expect on a small scale entry level set, the platform that everything is on is a symmetrically built platform with some technic machinations under floor for one of the play features, along with steps on each side. Saruman’s throne is the highlight of the build with a good use of pieces to create the “Orthanc” look; it is also very functional as the build allows Saruman to sit on his throne with his cloak on, as there is a gap for the cloak to sit in comfortably. There are two play features in this set, firstly the palantir is on a turntable which you can spin from behind the throne, and the second is a push through rod in the throne, which does take away from the throne when Saruman isn’t on it as it isn’t black, however the play features do make sense as the wizards can be sent flying in a couple of different ways, and it is the Wizard Battle after all.

The throne

There are a few unique pieces included in this set, and they are the two yellow lamps and the clear palantir shell, they aren’t pieces I’ve seen before and they can fit over the top of a 1×1 round brick. The Palantir shell uses this exact technique by going over the top of a 1×1 trans orange round brick with the eye of Sauron printed on it which gives the overall effect a fishbowl/palantir distortion look. This is obviously one of the focal points of the set and this scene as it is the representation of Sarumans turning to darkness, and it does the job well.

The Eye of Sauron!


We will start with Gandalf. He is pretty much the same as the other Gandalf minifigs we have seen in past sets. Main difference in this set is he has hair instead of his hat, and no cloak. This means they have been able to put a double print on his head this time, he is now sporting an angry battle face along with his standard look. Staff is the normal one which isn’t terribly exciting.

Saruman is a new minifig to the line; he has nicely detailed printing front and back of the torso, and like Gandalf also has a neutral face and a battle face on his head. The hair piece is a one piece rubberized hair piece and beard combination, attention to detail is good with his little grey and black bit of beard present. A white cloak and a cool looking staff round out a very good LEGO® version of Saruman the White.

The Minifigs


In summary this is a great little set that I would recommend most LEGO® fans to purchase, it is at the lower level cost range; with some unique pieces and a cheap way to get hold of Saruman and a palantir without having to buy the giant new Orthanc set.

The WIzard Battle built Here's another angle

Grade: 4.5 zombie heads out of 5

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I’d expect to see a few “monster” MOCs making use of this piece in the future.


If you switch your camera’s focus to macro it may help, its usually the flower button.

Also, does anyone else think that Saruman’s head looks a little like Indiana Jones dad?


I’ll check my camera to see if it has a macro setting… it is about 5 years old, so might be time to get a new one, or borrow my mates flash new one for Lego set reviews


That tower of orthanc costs a bit of an arm and a leg :O isn’t it around 300 bucks or something??


$400 in New Zealand… which is about $315 US at the moment… lets just say I am waiting for it to go on sale and for my bonus…

I will do a review on it for the site though.


Well, came out better than I thought it might.

Was fun writing it up and trying to get the photos right. The one I like the most from this set is the last one… The palantir is in really good focus and shows it off well.

I’ve got another one of the sets at home now, so I’ll start building it and get a review together for the site.

Thanks for reading.


Thanks for writing and photographing it.

Shooting LEGO can be really hard. I wish there were better tutorials out there for it.


I found the macro setting on my camera this morning, had a bit of a play and am getting much better minifig pictures now.

Thanks Willc

And in regards to shooting LEGO tutorials, I have looked at a few photographing models (like tanks, planes, tabletop stuff) tutorials, which give some cool tips.

So I’m thinking the photos might be improved on next review 🙂


I wish I had the cash to invest in an inexpensive lighting setup. I think that would help a ton. As it goes, I’m using a home-build light tent. It’s okay, but could be a lot better.

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