LEGO Set Review: Attack on Weathertop

Set #: 9472
Pieces: 430
MSRP: $59.99

When I saw all the initial Lord of the Rings sets, Attack on Weathertop easily stood out of the must have of the bunch. I loved the shape of it, and I’ve always had a soft spot for ruins. The price point was a little high considering the piece count, but I still thought it looked like a solid set. Let’s check it out.

Bag One

The first bag contains the two Nazgul, their horses, a bit of rock, and the fancy new brick separator (the cardboard envelope includes all the cloaks).

Attack on Weathertop bag one parts

Parts-wise (we’ll cover the minifigs and horses a little later), there’s nothing too exciting here. The bush in tan is nice to see, and I love that LEGO® is using the newer swords from the Collectible Minifigs. Put it all together and you get this:

Attack on Weathertop bag one built

This set also includes one of the new brick separators. I have three of the old-style ones, and they are absolutely invaluable.The new version boasts a technic pin remover, which is a fantastic idea. It’s also quite a bit smaller than the old ones, and bright orange to make it easy to find (my old ones were grey and dark green). This is a nice little bonus.

LEGO's new brick separator

Bag Two

Things get a lot more interesting with bag two, which builds half of the base floor of the ruins of Weathertop. It also has a lot more parts, so I broke it down a bit. First up, the plates:

The plates from bag two

Then the slopes and arches:

Slopes and arches from bag two

And everything else:

The remaining parts from bag two

As you can see, this set comes with loads of great parts for general building, and if you’re a castle builder doubly so. There are tons of parts in light and dark bley, as well as some nice accent pieces like weapons and the microfigs as statues (four total in the set). Speaking of which, here’s a closeup:

Microfigs as statues

Once you get it all together, you end up with this:

Bag two built

It’s quite a nice little room, and I love the semi-circular build and the ceiling supported by arches. It really gives the set a lot of character. The weapons rack in the middle of the room looks a touch out of place, but that’s easy enough to remove.

Bag Three

The third bag of parts gives us the other side of the first level of Weathertop, and includes a really cool circular staircase. Let’s take a look at the parts, starting with plates:

Plates from bag three

And then bricks:

Bricks from bag three

Slopes and arches:

Slopes and arches from bag three

And everything else:

The rest of bag three

Like bag two, you get a ton of really useful pieces here. Points of interest this time around include the spiral staircase parts (which I’ve been wanting for a while now), some black Price of Persia arches, and one “brick” brick (with more to come).

Once you get everything together, it looks like this (connected to what we did in bag two):

Bag three built - exterior Bag three built - interior

Looking pretty sharp, no? The outside is a little bland right now, but that will get dressed up soon enough. One element I love here is that black altar-looking piece inside. My guess is that was there to hold the Palantir (seeing stone), which as far as I know was never mentioned in the films and only briefly in the books. That’s a nice bit of detail.

I also love the look of the spiral stairs. There’s a tiny amount of play in them, but not enough to make it seem unstable.

Bag Four

The final bag of parts brings everything together. Not only does it build the remaining superstructure, it also adds quite a bit of detail (and pointless flick-fire missiles) to the bottom of the model.

Plates, slopes, and arches from bag four Everything else

Some pretty good parts to be found here: eight “brick” bricks, swords, good, statues, rings, flames, and one of those newish backpacks.

All finished, it looks like this:

Weathertop from the back Weathertop opened

So who can spot my two complaints? That’s right, the trap door and the flick-fire missiles. The trap door isn’t too bad (although completely unnecessary), but the missiles really bug me. This place is supposed to be a ruin of an ancient watch tower. Why does it have missiles? Is that something archeologists have to watch out for? Did someone have to go in and clear Pompeii of all the missiles before the scientists showed up to do their thing?

At least they’re easy enough to remove.

And let’s not forget out extra bits (this includes the pieces that go in the horses if you aren’t using the saddles):

Extra bits from Weathertop

The Minifigs

The minifigs here are great, with Merry being the highlight for me. The most boring of the set here is Frodo, but only because we’ve already seen him once before.

Frodo from Weathertop

Frodo is slightly different here, however. His cloak is a different color, because he hadn’t gotten the fancy elf cloak yet. A nice detail.

Merry from Weathertop

Merry is my favorite figure from this set, and I think it’s all because of that yellow vest. I think it just gives the figure a lot of personality, and makes him feel like more of a Hobbit rather than some generic medieval fantasy person.

Aragorn from Weathertop

Aragorn looks good. I really like the way they did his clothes, and I appreciate that they kept him in normal clothes instead of trying to stick him in armor to add more ‘play factor’. One thing I have to note about the non-Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings sets is that they have crazy cheekbone definition.

Nazgul from Weathertop

We get two of these guys, and they’re pretty cool. There’s not a ton to do with Nazgul. They dress all in black, no faces. It doesn’t give LEGO® a ton of room for interpretation. One thing to note is that their cloaks have three holes, which hold them tighter to the shoulder and push them out more from their back. This makes them look pretty cool on horseback.

Horse from Weathertop

The Black Riders’ horses are the same mold as the brown version, but feature red eyes and decorative head barding. While both very cool looking, they do limit where you can use this horse. It wouldn’t look right in a Western scene, for instance.

The Verdict

I absolutely love this set, flick-fire missiles notwithstanding. It’s a solid set with nice archetecture and details that really captures the scene from the film. It boasts great figures and makes for a great parts pack. The price to part ratio is a little high, but considering that it’s licensed and contains two horses, it’s really not that bad.

Attack on Weathertop




Speaking of LotR sets, remember when we discussed how these are overpriced in Europe? Well, yesterday I went to a shop that was selling the set “Gandalf arrives” for 18.99€.. that’s 25$… no kidding.

Silver Fox

He’s probably still angry with Aragorn about not getting 2nd Breakfast…

I want this set… I want an army of Nazgul on horse back.


Nice review Dave,

I’ve got all the LOTR sets built and scattered around my house… completely agree on the missiles on this set though, what were they thinking?!?

This is one of my fav sets from the series as well, I currently have a bit of a diaroma set up where Merry is feeding a nazguls horse a carrot with that cheeky grin on his face while Aragorn battles the Nazgul on top.

My only true gripe is… where is Aragorn’s cloak? He has a travelling cloak in the books and movies… but Aragorn doesn’t get one in this set or the Helms Deep set. Bit odd, especially when they have given one to Boromir in the Tomb set.

Still loving the sets though, and just picked up the new Bag End Hobbit one!


I thought the lack of a cloak was bizarre too. Luckily, I have some spare.

Bag End is going to be my Christmas present from the wife and kids, and I’m super excited.


Yeah, those flick fire missiles are in every other set Lego makes. I have an even worse one though (since missiles in LOTR are possible cause Sauruman had black powder :P):

I don’t know if you are much of a Star Wars fan, but I’m a huge one. But I got this set called Ewok Attack. Ewoks are short, like hobbits, and have fur all over there body ranging from black to brown. Basically they look like 3 foot tall teddy bears. Anyways they are a primitive race and live in tree huts and stuff.

So this set (ID# 7956 if you wanted a look) comes with a big tree you can put the Ewoks (2) on or in, and has a couple of stormtroopers (bad guys :P) that are supposed to get ambushed by these Ewoks. And, you guessed it, there are flick-fire missiles in the tree.

But back to the Weathertop set, I don’t see how Frodo is so boring! You could totally use the flip side of his head (with the blue eyes) as a zombie and/or a bitten human about to turn into a zombie!


And before someone jumps on me about this, but I guess the Ewoks probably could have stolen missiles from the Stormtrooper base on their planet, but not that they could have known how to use them, much less install them in their tree.


I only say that Frodo is boring because we’ve already got the figure from another set (and in that review I mention the reverse head as a possibly zombie; great minds think alike it seems). The figures in this series are all beautifully rendered, at least so far.

I’ve seen that set. I normally don’t buy much for Star Wars, but I agree that’s idiotic. You could say they’re large arrows, like from a ballista or something, but come on.


i think lego wanted them to be large arrows but even so why have them? plus what do u think about helms deep im thinking of buying it but its £75 so im not sure


Well, something my brothers and I have all pretty much decided on, we are pretty sure that lego uses the flickfire missiles for ballistas and things like that.


Okay, I guess it makes sense for them to show up as ballista arrows or whatever. But still, this is an ancient ruin, they shouldn’t just spring out of the walls.


I was thinking with the flick-fire missiles, the kids would “repurpose” them to represent magic bolts that were flying around from various invaders they’d use from other sets. Just because it looks like a missile doesn’t necessarily mean the kid’s imagination can’t morph it into something more suitable. I think LEGO actually figured something like that would happen anyway, and the set definitely needs play value, so there has to be something to fling at an enemy opponent. 😀

Typo alert: Bag 3, second sentence: “the the” should probably be “to the” or the appropriate wording. 😉

Typo alert #2: In The Minifigs, you’re missing a “because” or other appropriate word after the “but only”. 😀

Typo alert #3: Bag Four, “two complaints” paragraph: It’s spelled Pompeii. 😀

Typo alert #4: Bag One, brick separator: “small” would be better stated as “smaller”. 😉

Typo alert #5: Bag one, inside the brackets: “envelop” is missing an ‘e’. 😀


the spare parts are cool thanks too this set and 2 ukru-hai army sets i have 18 LotR figures and 32 weapons!!!! what am i gonna do with them 🙂


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