LEGO Set Review: The Werewolf

Set #: 9463
Pieces: 243
MSRP: $19.99

With the exception of the vampire, the werewolf is probably the most classic of movie monsters, so I was quite excited to see this set. Let’s see if it lives up to expectations.

Bag One

The first bag consists of the car and the minifigs (we’ll get to them in a bit):

Other parts from bag one

Plenty of vehicle parts here, but you also get a silver frog, gold fez and telescope, lots of guns, and several useful detail pieces. Not bad for a vehicle. And speaking of the vehicle, here’s the finished product:

The finished car

I’m not generally a big fan of vehicles in sets, but this one fits quite well with the theme and has some style to it. I can’t say I’m crazy about the pistols being used for exhaust, but I have to appreciate some creative parts usage.

Bag Two

The second bag will build the Werewolf’s creepy tree. It’s also pretty beefy, so I’m going to divide it up a bit. First up, all the plates:

Bag two plates

And then the slopes:

Bag two slopes

And then everything else:

The remainder of bag two

There are a ton of great parts here, including some leaf pieces in different colors, bones, the new “brick” brick, tiles, and a bunch of 1×1 technic bricks. You also get another moonstone with a howling wolf on it. It’s a nice design, like all the moonstones have been thus far:

The Werewolf moonstone

The tree itself is quite gloomy and creepy looking, complete with drooping vines

The werewolf's tree

And here’s a view of the back:

The back of the Werewolf's tree

I think the tree is a little lacking, mostly because of how square parts of it look. A lot of that is due to a play feature (a werewolf catapult) build into the tree. While I’m not a fan of play features, I generally just ignore them, but I think this one causes the tree to come out looking much more geometric than it would have otherwise, and that’s unfortunate.

And let’s not forget the extra parts, including a Werewolf claw:

Extra parts from The Werewolf

The Minifigs

First up, is Major Quinton Steele, a very British looking Monster Fighter:

Major Quinton Steele

Like all the figures in this line, The Major is pretty cool. Sporting sweet facial hair and a monocle, and armed to the teeth, this guy isn’t about to put up with any garbage from any Werewolves. I like that he has printing on the back of his torso as well as his legs. Those are nice touches, and it helps differentiate him from some of the other khaki explorers of recent memory.

Of course, the real reason most of us picked up this set is the titular Werewolf, and this guy is just awesome:

The Werewolf

I really like that the wolf-head is a completely new mold. They could have simply re-used or tweaked the wolfman from the Collectible Minifigs, but LEGO® decided to do something differently. There’s a lot of different ways a werewolf can look, so it’s nice having some variety in the minifig version.


While I don’t love the tree, it’s hard to not dig this set. Not only does it have fantastic minifigs, but it’s also got a great selection of parts, and the part to piece ratio is actually under a dime per part. Score!

The Werewolf

Grade: 4 zombie heads out of 5

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As well, that Major.. His shirt is so good and well done.. I just love it and it would be a great piece. I also do love the car so much style goes into such a simple creation right there.


I’d love to see that wolf’s head used as some sort of standard. It would look awesome.

It’s definitely a solid set.


Good one Dave! I also have this set and I really like it. It’s funny to see how LEGO has upgraded their design when you compare it with the version from 2002.
If I may, I believe you forgot to mention one detail… the werewolf’s claws are glow in the dark pieces.


I did indeed forget that. I believe the bones are too. I tend to forget about things like that because they don’t really interest me, but they should be pointed out.

And yeah, this is a hell of an upgrade from 2002.


There are some things I like about that wolf. For instance, it looks like it can turn its head, which this one can’t. But it’s old school LEGO, and lacked a bit in the detail department. I just love how much they add to figs these days.

Silver Fox

And that’s what I like with the head, for it being old school. I’ve seen it used as a custom head for Master Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and I’ve some molding stuff my friends who play Warhammer have shown me, so I’m planning on getting a hold of it to make some duplicates of my single wolf head as I want one to paint white for a Kitsune minifigure idea I’ve got.


Awesome idea! I always love seeing those custom molded pieces. Probably because I lack the skill to pull it off.

Silver Fox

Indeed we do… I educated Nana this year about Black Peter and she really likes him. Especially as we saw the movie Santa and Pete staring James Earl Jones.

And she was fascinated by my telling her last year about the Italian Christmas Witch, La Befana. I’ve got her convinced that’s who Mrs. Claus is and how she fits in. And I like working that in.


Awesome. Do you ever read David Sedaris? He’s got a pretty fantastic essay about different Christmas traditions. I believe it’s called “6 – 8 Black Men”.

Silver Fox

I don’t think I’ve read that one. There’s another book I’ve got, a bit dated, called When Santa was a Shaman. It’s a new age book, but still fairly interesting to look at, it just needs some cross referencing and recognizing that some of the ideas regarding Anthropology have changed.

I’ll have to look this one up.


I should re-read it. I enjoyed the hell out of it a few years ago when I read it the first time.

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