Translate a Book Scene into a LEGO MOC

I have always been a big reader and the idea of making LEGO creations from scenes in a book is what got me into LEGO again as an adult. It seemed like a cool idea for a hobby and just about everything I have built has been from a book.

So I thought I would walk through the process of building a creation from a book scene. I have no idea if this is the best way, or the easist way to do it but its how I have been doing it so far.

Now since you are pulling this from the book you obviously don’t have any pictures to use so you have to use details to lay out the scene. For this creation I built one of my favorite scenes from a book called LZR-1143: Evolution by Bryan James.

In the middle of the book our two heros Mike McKnight (who used to be an action hero movie star) and his companion Kate end up at this creepy rundown house. Seeking shelter they enter only to find an emanciated and psychotic girl wearing a wedding dress, right before the house gets swarmed. It is an excellent book and a scene that has always stuck with me with how utterly disturbing it is. So why not reacreate it with LEGO?

So as I am reading the book I pick and chose some descriptive details to envision what I want to do.

Behind the shop, a two-story house rose, faded whiteslats below a bright green metal roof. The rear of a late-model pickup truck was visible from the road, stashed behind the large form of a detached garage in the back yard.

So with this you can start deciding how big this will be as well as color as well as perspective.
-We have a two story house with white walls.
-The perspective of the creation will be in the backyard.
-There will be a truck with the back end facing the road.
– I don’t have the green tiles to do a green roof so I will cut off the height lower. Besides, building something that tall wouldn’t work anyway here since we’re going to show the house getting swarmed.

We moved along the gravel drive, careful to avoid thecrunching of stone against stone….. while the windows revealed heavy wooden beams crossing from corner to corner. It appeared to be a hastily but well-constructed barrier, with no evidence of forced entry.

– With the gravel driveway we can use white to gray tiles
– Boarded up windows are always look cool and are easy to build

of the windows.” We walked quickly to the back door, which was located at the top of a simple set of four low concrete steps. The wooden screen door showed signs of rot, and moved easily—and, more importantly, quietly—against its hinges. The old brass door knob was set in a heavy wooden door, and I drew a deep breath before twisting it slowly to the left. I expected it to be locked. It wasn’t.

– 4 steps leading up to the door
– can’t really do the wooden screen door so I will try something else
– brass nob is easy enough
– the door is to the left of the driveway

“I’m the bride.” She started down the stairs and we both recognized the dress. She was wearing a long, slightly dirty and very wrinkled, white wedding dress. Her somewhat emaciated form stepped slowly down the old stairs, wood creaking unabashedly in the silent home. Outside, the crackle of gunfire, seeming to be closer now, highlighted the incredibly odd scenario. I also gave serious pause to her reference to the pack in the woods, anxious about the implication. Her sharply featured face was gaunt and filthy, her long, dark hair—once lustrous and meticulously groomed, I imagined—was matted and greasy

– The psychotic bride

I followed, going into the kitchen to look to the driveway. “About ten of them out here,” I whispered loudly, peering through a gap in the flimsy drapes. They were shambling toward the noise in the roadway, and I hoped that it would keep their attention. I had no doubt that these people were of the same ilk of the folks we had taken out at the fuel truck, and whether they knew about that yet or not, it didn’t bode well for our chances of a peaceful introduction. “Only a couple stragglers in the back,” said Kate, head popping around the corner of the wall and gesturing to the back door.She didn’t waste any time opening the door. The two shambling about the weedy backyard…

– Zombie party in the back

“You sons of bitches!” she screamed, standing at the top of the concrete steps and allowing the door to close behind her. “I knew you were going to side with him! I told him not to go. I told him I needed him, and he should never have left me alone inside! I told him to stay here, and now you’re leaving me too!” She walked down several steps, fist raised to the night sky. Almost as one, the twenty creatures turned their heads. Slowly, in unison, they turned from their slow plod toward the shed and toward Leigh’s furious form. She started screaming again, and they quickened their shuffling pace.

“Run!” I shouted to her, realizing that her avenues for escape were narrowing, even as Kate and I ran toward the truck. Neither of us took a shot, afraid that we might hit her if we missed…….doorknob behind her. The first of the creatures had reached the foot of the stairs, and was stepping forward, hand reaching out hungrily. Leigh’s hand scraped against the wood until it reached the knob, and she quickly turned to the door and twisted it. Suddenly, she screamed in rage. The door was locked.

– Bride is now at the top of those 4 steps
– Door is locked behind her
– Mike and Kate have made their way outsode the house hiding behind the truck

So there we go. I think these excerpts are taken from about 15 pages I marked as I was reading it. I now have all the details I need to build. Obviously not every detail can be present so you can just use your imaginaiton for the rest.

Here are some poorly photographed pictures of the build process. I always have a mini-fig next to what I am building to keep the scale correct.


Since I couldn’t use green tiles I used some slopes to make a overhang look for the windows. Modified bricks are perfect for boarded up windows and doing some unique designes at a 90 degree angle. And since they connect on top of bricks it will be stable unlike some 90 degree plates.



Whenever I buy parts from I typically only buy new parts. But sometimes I buy cheap parts that a seller states are in bad condition. It can make some parts look different than normal LEGOS giving it a cool look when you do Apocalypse creations. Here if you look at the drive way you can see the variance in the gray and light bluish gray and dark bluish gray tiles tiles. It ended up not making it into the final shot at the top but its an interesting look I will use again.

I also added Daves favorite part, the trashcan.

I always use stems for overgrown grass. By placing some on top of each other you can give it an overgrown look. And shooting it at a lower angle gives it a more dense look.




Interesting post Evan, I had no idea you were going for such a meticulous render of the books!
I find that the best thing about building stuff from books is getting the author’s feedback afterwards (whenever possible of course). Writing a book review is great but building something is a really unique way of exchanging something with the authors.
Ha, I just spotted the Mexican – I love him!


Great job Evan! Those boarded windows are fantastic, but I’m a sucker for overgrown vegetation. I have quite a few of those stem elements; I should use them more.


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