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TV Review: The Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out

I always love it when a show’s cold open is a scene from the finale, and then we spend the rest of the episode getting to that point. Structurally, I think it makes things pretty damn interesting, especially when we really want to see the end results of the tease. This week’s Walking Dead manages… Read more »

TV Review: The Walking Dead: Triggerfinger

After seemingly weeks and weeks of build up and wheel spinning, we finally get a healthy dose of action in the last two weeks of The Walking Dead. Not only that, but some long-simmering plot points seem to finally be coming to the forefront.

TV Review: The Walking Dead: Nebraska

After the first half of the season ended with Shane passing out guns and unleashing the zombies in the barn (and – of course – finding the now zombified Sophia), many of us were anxiously anticipating the return of The Walking Dead to see what sort of repercussions there would be. Tonight we found out:… Read more »

Zombie TV Review: The Walking Dead – Pretty Much Dead Already

Okay, wow. So The Walking Dead sent us to the mid-season break with a pretty explosive episode. A lot of the different plot threads out there came to a head, and a few new ones were introduced. While I liked the episode overall, there was one glaring flaw that really bugged me about it. Let’s… Read more »

TV Review: The Walking Dead – Secrets

The barn full of zombies remains filled with zombies, Sophia remains missing, and the specter of getting kicked off the farm is still hovering over Rick’s head, but in the penultimate episode before the mid-season break, it feels like a lot is happening. Sure, it helps that there were two zombie encounters this week, one… Read more »

Movie Review: Severed – Forest of the Dead

As the title suggests, Severed: Forest of the Dead takes the outbreak story out of the city and into the more remote location of a forest community. We learn right away that a logging company has secretly begun bio-engineering experiments on trees to improve growth without the knowledge of the loggers, who are going about… Read more »

TV Review: The Walking Dead – Chupacabra

Wow, seems like quite a lot got introduced last night, from some more in-depth discussion about how reasonable it is to continue to search for Sophia, to Daryl’s hallucinating Merle who in turn tried to undermine the strength of the group, on up to Glenn stumbling into the otherwise normal Hershel’s barn full of zombies…. Read more »

TV Review: The Walking Dead – Cherokee Rose

After last week’s explosive episode, this week slows down quite a bit to let us spend some time with our characters. And to my surprise, the show actually does a pretty decent job at it.