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LEGO set review: Raptor Rampage

Set: #75917 Pieces: 324 On the back of the recent release of Jurassic World there has been a bunch of LEGO® sets released with it. I picked a couple of them up, and here is a review of the middle sized set with the Raptors, everyone loves the Raptors right? Out of the Box In… Read more »

LEGO Set Review: Pirate Minifig Pack

A few months ago, I reviewed here two small Minifigures sets. The Rock band and the Halloween accessory pack. It appears these sets must have sold well enough because LEGO® is releasing today a new similar set, in the Pirate theme this time. The price tag is unfortunately still the same: $14.99 but in this… Read more »

LEGO Set Review: Classic Picture Frame

Time for another LEGO® “gear” set review! LEGO® has released several picture frames in the past; the list can be seen on Brickset. The last addition to this small sub-theme is not related to any specific series, and this is what I found to be the selling point for me. While the kids might prefer… Read more »

LEGO Review: Series 10 Collectible Minifigs

So Series 10 minifigures are upon us and with that brings the expected mix of sporty, historical and downright bizarre character selections. I was keen to get my hands on this range as there are some pretty cool figures and individual pieces amongst them, very handy for MOC’s or customizing your own minifigs.