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Let’s Play Outlast – Part 7

We continue our Let’s Play Outlast series with Part 7, in which I start to explore the male ward of the asylum, and get beat on by a bunch of crazy people. I also say “splash” a lot. Don’t miss it!

Game Review: The Wolf Among Us Episode 1

I don’t think my expectations have ever been more wrong about something I’m going to review than they were with TellTale Games’ The Wolf Among Us. I was expecting a modern werewolf tale with a focus on horror and survival. What I got was a contemporary analysis of fairy tales set in the modern world,… Read more »

Let’s Play Outlast – Part 6

After our brief break, it’s time for Part 6 of our Let’s Play Outlast series. In this part, I explore some nasty sewers, get murdered again, and attempt to tell a story about visiting a closed asylum, only to get constantly distracted. Watch if you dare!

Let’s Play Outlast – Part 4

Our Let’s Play Outlast series continues as we delve deeper into Mount Massive Asylum. Sadly, a lot of that delving is done in the showers, but what can you do? On the plus side, we do a lot less hiding in lockers this time around.

Let’s Play Outlast – Part 3

Okay everyone, we’re back at playing Outlast, and we make quite a bit of progress this time, even though I spend quite a bit of time hiding like a coward from some crazy dude wielding a stick with a nail in it. Check it out and give me some feedback! Also, naked dudes!

Let’s Play Outlast Part 2

Hey hey, it’s time for Part 2 of my Let’s Play of the survival horror game Outlast. It’s a couple days late, because I completely screwed up the recording the first time around. Basically, it recorded me opening the game, then I accidentally stopped it like an idiot. So, yeah, I had to replay a… Read more »

Let’s Play Outlast – Part 1

I’ve had a couple friends recommend the horror game Outlast to me, and it looked pretty cool. I figured that, rather than doing a typical review of it, I could try doing one of those Let’s Play series all the crazy kids on YouTube are doing. I don’t know if it’ll work or not, but… Read more »