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Game Review: The Wolf Among Us: In Sheep’s Clothing

Episode three of The Wolf Among Us ended with an absolutely crazy fight scene, which left Bigby severely wounded (read my review here, and while you’re at it, check out the reviews for Episode One and Episode Two). Episode four, “In Sheep’s Clothing”, picks up shortly after the previous chapter left off, with our favorite… Read more »

Zombie Game Review: 7 Days to Die

I’m a huge fan of sandbox building games in the vein of Minecraft. It’s just a lot of fun exploring, gathering resources, building, and – of course – surviving the monsters. 7 Days to Die takes that recipe and places it into the zombie genre we all love.

State of Decay: Lifeline Out Now

Does everyone remember State of Decay and it’s DLC Breakdown? It’s a really fun zombie survival sandbox game, and the developer, Undead Labs, has just released its latest expansion: Lifeline. I haven’t gotten a chance to really dive into the game yet, but so far it looks really cool.

Game Review: The Walking Dead In Harm’s Way

Playing through The Walking Dead, I often forget the Clementine, the player character, is a little girl. That seems pretty absurd considering it’s a third person game and we’re always looking at her, but I do anyway. Quite regularly, in point of fact. That’s only possible because of the richness of the character and her… Read more »

Let’s Play Outlast – Part 15

After 15 parts, we finally finish Outlast, and it was a hell of a ride. Check out the last video in the series, where I give my overall thoughts on the game, and watch out for Outlast: Whistleblower, coming next week!

Zombie Game Review: Contagion

First person shooters with zombies seem to be a tough nut to crack. I really haven’t seen very many that do it well, and even fewer that stick with the old school slow zombies. Left 4 Dead is pretty much the gold standard, but between the fast zombies, the special zombies, and the constant action,… Read more »

Let’s Play Outlast – Part 14

We make some serious progress in Part 14 of our Let’s Play Outlast series. We finally make our way out of the asylum, and down into the secret sub-basement labs. We spend a lot of time with a Walrider, whose name appears to be Billy. There are some pretty huge moments here, so don’t miss… Read more »

Let’s Play Outlast – Part 13

In Part 13 of Let’s Play Outlast, we make some major progress through the administrative block. We find keys, witness a crucifixion, see a dude set himself on fire, and then get killed over and over again. Don’t miss it!