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Book Review: The Cult of Lego

LEGO® is different from every other childhood toy you had. Sure, you might look back with a certain nostolgic fondness at your GI Joes, or your Ninja Turtles, or whatever it was that you were really into growing up, but odds are that good will doesn’t go much further than occasional remembrances. For tens of… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: The Flu

Ever read a book that you were really excited about, but found it to be not at all what you thought? That is what happened when I read The Flu by Jacqueline Druga. This book describes the reemergence of the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu that killed between 50 to 100 million people worldwide.  I expected… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: The Last Mailman

Having a strong central character is important to any story (especially the first-personal perspective stories), but a lot of books get it wrong. When they think of a strong character, they think of Rambo mixed with Einstein. A character who can kick the ass of any challenger while solving a Rubik’s Cube, and saving an… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: The Becoming

The Becoming by Jessica Meigs is an action packed ride that revolves around the story of three survivors of the Michaluk Virus and the people that join their group. The plot seems simple enough: a virus escapes the CDC and spreads quickly, turning all infected into mindless, flesh eating monsters. But the plot thickens as… Read more »

LEGO® Book Review: The Brick Bible

The Holy Bible is probably the most influential book in history. Cultures have been built, gone to war, and been destroyed because of it. Despite all that, most of us have never even gotten through The Book of Genesis, let alone the entire Bible. Important or not, The Bible, especially The Old Testament, is damn… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: Z-Boat

Z-Boat has to be classified as a true post-apocalyptic novel. In the distant future, we are faced with a world that has crumbled not by the undead, but by overpopulation and power shifts amongst governments. America is basically a third-world country while Russia, Israel, North Korea are now the super powers. Drinkable water is a… Read more »

Non-Fiction Zombie Book Review: Better Off Dead

Yeah, you read the title right, a non-fiction zombie book. How can such a thing exist you might ask? Well Better Off Dead is a collection of essays explaining zombie lore, touching on everything from word-of-mouth stories from ‘way back when’, to modern undead culture, occasionally giving websites like Zombie Squad a mention. (if you… Read more »

Zombie Book Review: Z.N.A.

Z.N.A. was a strange reading experience, much like reading two books at the same time. It starts as a rather classic Zombie Survival story… but around the middle of the book the whole thing unexpectedly turns into some kind of Heroes (the TV Show) kind of thing. I don’t really have anything against mash ups… Read more »