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New Schedule

You asked for it. You whined, and cried, and started ineffectual protest groups demanding more Bricks of the Dead. And I listened. Okay, so maybe no one was really asking for much of anything. Regardless, a comic as awesome as Bricks of the Dead demands more exposure, so I’m beefing up the schedule. Starting in… Read more »

It’s Nice to Have Friends

When LEGO® announced that they were introducing a set of collectible figures that included a zombie, I was quite obviously excited. That excitement ebbed after I started searching for the damn things, and came up empty handed ever time. Luckily fellow comic maker Lich Barrister, of the outstanding strip Ye Olde Lego-time Theatre, was up… Read more »

Night Zero

Bricks of the Dead isn’t the only game in town when it comes to zombie comics. In fact, there’s a lot of other fantastic work out there, like Night Zero. Instead of traditional drawings, Night Zero tells its zombie-filled story through incredibly photography. And when I say incredible, I’m not kidding: The talented folks at… Read more »

Preview of the Upcoming Zombie Fig

BrickHorizon has an awesome preview/review of the Zombie, one of the upcoming “Collectible Minifigs” that will be released this summer. Their review is quite favorable, and now I can’t wait to start tracking these guys down. They’ll make an excellent edition to the comic. Read their full review, with additional imagery, here.

Brick Comic Network Caption Contest

Have you always wanted to do a webcomic, but lacked the know-how, artistic ability, and/or ability to stick with a project for any significant length of time? Well this contest is for you. The Brick Comic Network has already created the comic, all you need to do is fill in the blanks. The contest runs… Read more »

BrickArms Sci-Fi Pack

BrickArms, an outstanding company making LEGO®-compatible accessories like guns, swords, knives, and grenades, has just released a new pack of Sci-Fi related weapons in silver. It includes some outstanding items, like a chainblade and a high-power sniper rifle (think Barret), all for only twelve bones. Click the image below for more info.

Guest Appearance

I make a guest appearance in another Brick Comic, Ye Olde Lego-Time Theater, this week. Check it out!

Social Networking

Bricks of the Dead has joined the social media craze. We now have accounts with Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to check them out and become a fan and follow us, respectively. Otherwise, you could miss out on some of the awesomeness.