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The Trouble with Definining Zombies

Nerds love to classify things, codifying a set of rules and forcing the material to fit wherever possible. Take anything that people get obsessive over and you’ll find that, while there may seem to be a set of rules on the surface, diving deeper will reveal hundreds of different ways those rules have been bent… Read more »

More Behind the Scenes

If you’re looking for a bit more behind the scenes info, I recently got semi-interviewed by the Brick Comic Network. Check it out here.

A Couple Quick Announcements

Two quick announcements this morning: I did a guest strip for Chris Doyle of Brick House featuring his Zombie Wash character. I think it came out pretty well, but take a look at let me know. You can find it here. You know that Behind the Scenes page I’ve been promising for about a month… Read more »

Prizes Put to Use

One of the winners of our Adaptation Challenge, [:], put together a fun little comic showing off his prize and putting the weapons to creative new uses. Here’s a sample couple of frames, but be sure to click through to the whole enchilada:

Contest Winners Announced

For everyone waiting both patiently and impatiently, here is the big announcement. We had a lot of great entries, and it was tough picking the winners. But the judges have hashed it out. Our winner for the video game category is [:] with this fantastic creation:

AMC’s The Walking Dead Trailer

ACM is producing a new series based on the outstanding comic, The Walking Dead. It’s due to start on Halloween, and they’ve just released a trailer – previously seen at ComiCon. Check this out: I love Halloween already. This is just icing on the cake.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Promo

Here’s a cool little promotional video for AMC’s upcomign series, The Walking Dead. Based on an outstanding comic of the same name, The Walking Dead tells the tale of a group of survivors in a zombie-filled wasteland. If it’s half as good as AMC’s Breaking Bad, this will be appointment TV. The series starts in… Read more »

Zombie Overexposure

The AV Club recently interviewed Max Brooks, author of The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, and Recorded Attacks (a zombie comic based on stories from The Zombie Survival Guide) . It’s a great interview, which you should check out, but I thought one of the questions was particularly relevent: AVC: Between the time The… Read more »