An Unplanned Hiatus

Bad news, everyone: I need to take a break from the comic for a little while. I won’t go into detail, suffice it to say I need to take a little time away to deal with some things. Don’t worry, everything is fine, and Bricks of the Dead will be back before you know it.

I’m not quite sure how long of a break I’m going to need, so I’ll post an update as soon as I am able. I apologize for the unplanned hiatus, and thank you all for understanding.



Good luck with anything you’ll have to deal with, Dave. No need to apologize, BTW.


Good luck Dave! No matter what happens, just update us whenever you’re able to! 😀


Good luck with whatever you have going on Dave.
Oh, and don’t worry we’re not going anywhere 😉


Don’t worry, we understand that “real life happens.” (A phrase that would not exist, were it not for how much we get wrapped up in our online lives and schedules.)


Hey folks.

At the moment all of my LEGO is put away in storage as I am working on another project otherwise I would put together a quick quest comic while Dave is taking his Interpretive Dance classes.

The good news is I will be doing a post about my project which is building a Storm Trooper helmet (specifically a Sand Trooper version). Hopefully its interesting for a few of you until Dave finishes these classes.

This build is a massive project and why my LEGO is temporarily put away.


Interpretive Dance classes? Man… That’s worst than I had imagine… (Do I have to specify I was kidding or..?)

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