The Walking Dead Review: No Way Out

Editor’s note: this review of AMC’s The Walking Dead will contain some spoilers. I will try to keep them to a minimum, but they’re be there nonetheless. You’ve been warned.

It’s been a long wait since the huge cliffhanger at the mid-season break, but The Walking Dead is finally back, and it returned in full force. A lot happened in “No Way Out”. I’m not going to try to recap things, just hit a few of the high points and add my thoughts on them and the episode as a whole. The episode seemed pretty divisive, with a lot of critics not liking it, but most viewers loving it. I’m going to come down somewhere in the middle.

Let’s start with the cold open, when Negan’s goons have Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham at gunpoint. I thought this was a great little scene, and I really liked the spokesperson for the bad guys. He was unhinged in a way we haven’t really seen before. It was like he was in complete control of the situation, but wasn’t comfortable being in control. He wanted the chaos.

And then this happened:

The Walking Dead Episode 609 - No Way Out

Okay, that photo is technically from later, but you get the idea. The Negan goons are no longer a concern. At least for the time being.

Meanwhile, in Alexandria, things aren’t going well. We get a few different stories happening at the same time here, but I’m only going to talk about two of them: Denise and the Wolf, and Rick’s group. We’ll start with the former.

The Wolf ran off with Dr. Denise, but doesn’t seem like he wants to murder her and wear her skin or anything like that. In fact, he actually protects her, getting bitten in the process. She convinces him to take her back to the clinic, where she will presumably amputate his arm, but it doesn’t end up working out for him.

I’m not at all surprised that he was killed, but I did think it was interesting that the character seemed to have been turning over a new leaf. Morgan was right about him. Of course, the only one who knows this is Denise, so we’ll see whether it comes up again, and how.

The Walking Dead Episode 609 - No Way Out

Rick’s group doesn’t fare very well at all. Gabriel splits off early, taking Judith to the church and somehow managing to not Gabriel that up. Sam stays with the group, even though everyone knows it’s a bad idea. Then her freaks out and gets eaten. And then his mom gets eaten. Goodbye, hot soccer mom, we barely knew thee. Carl almost gets turned into collateral damage while Rick has an awkward series of flashbacks, but a quick mutilation later, and Carl is okay. Until he’s not. Hot Soccer Mom’s other kid picks up a gun and tries to kill Rick, only to get stabbed by Michonne. He still gets a shot off, however, and takes out Carl’s eye.

The survivors quickly retreat to the clinic, where Dr. Denise gets to work on the permanently disfigured Carl. Rick, unable to cope with the trauma, decides to take on an army of a few thousand zombies all on his own. It’s really stupid, but it’s just the sort of stupid thing the rest of the town needs to inspire them. Soon, people have picked up improvised weapons are are wading into the zombie hordes, messily dispatching them.

Even with everyone working hard to cut down the zombies, it looks like they’re still going to get overwhelmed by sheer numbers. And then Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl show back up with assault rifles and even the odds.

And then this happened:

The Walking Dead Episode 609 - No Way Out

That’s right; Daryl pumps some gas into the lake, touches it off with another RPG, and the majority of the zombie horde wanders in, getting incinerated in the process. Oh, and Carl wakes up.

I’ll be clear about this: I really enjoyed the episode. It was fun, full of action. There were great set pieces, and some really well done zombie makeup and effects. That said, I was only able to enjoy it because I didn’t let the stupidity get to me, and there was a lot of that on display.

I loved that the people of Alexandria were inspired to fight, but the way it happened was kind of dumb. If I saw one guy out there fighting thousands of zombies, I wouldn’t say, “You know what? This guy knows what he’s doing.” I’d just shake my head and hope he died as painlessly as possible. The moment largely felt undeserved.

The solution, too, seemed a bit off. I get that zombies would be attracted to light and movement, but would they really abandoned prey to walk toward a light? And just keep walking into it as they burned? If that was the case, they should have just burned all the zeds in the quarry at the beginning of the season like a ton of people suggested.

Also, as cool as it was to shoot an RPG at the lake to touch off the gas, it was a bit wasteful. What’s wrong with some matches or a lighter? Or use a flare gun if you want some more visual oomph.

But, like I said, I was really entertained by The Walking Dead. It was dumb and pulpy, but it was fun. As always, I’m curious about where we go from here.

4 zombies heads out of 5



I remember being shocked by the scene where Carl was shot in the eye, I stopped reading the comic shortly after. I am surprised the show decided to use this, this is going to be really tough for the kid playing his role.


I was surprised that went that way too, especially since they didn’t follow through on Rick’s hand.


Couldn’t agree more on the review. Really fun because of all the action, but full of WTF happenings. Kinda sad Neegan’s spokesman was blown up, I liked this character, the time he lasted.

That said, I loved that Rick’s group couldn’t make it… Looking forward on how Rick will handle it though.

How many lives does Glenn have BTW?


Glenn is like a cat, isn’t it (do they have that expression in France)? I was just waiting for another lame fake out, so I was pleasantly surprised with Abe and Sasha showed up.


Yes, you could call it a Deus Ex Machina Canna (“god from the machine gun”)


Ah, good to know! I know I’ve confused non-American readers in the past by using American idioms.


I, too, was sorry to see Jessie go, but at least the whole unfortunate episode gave us this gem:

I think that burning them in the quarry was not really possible for three reasons:
1) They didn’t have a tanker full of gas then, so having enough fuel would have been problematic
2) The lake actually helps, as the gas will float on the surface of the water, getting more zeds as they walk through it and are coated by it. Trying to do that on dry ground would take a lot more gas and not nearly be as effective (human flesh doesn’t actually support a flame all that well, so even walking through the fire on the ground would not dispatch most of the zeds.
3) Don’t forget there was a lot more surface area to cover at the quarry, and many more zeds.


Oh my god, that image is glorious! I kept say “Coral” during that scene. My wife was getting annoyed.

All good points re: the quarry.


Woohoo, TWD is back.

Agree with your review Dave. Solid episode, full of some great stuff, and full of some real odd moments, using the rocket to light the lake, Glen’s “distraction” to try save Maggie, just to name a couple.

I’m glad they more or less stuck to the comic line in terms of Ricks group, I’m keen to see if we see soccer mum as a zombie and the ongoing effects on Rick in a future “clean up” episode.

Lastly, while I am looking forward to the Negan/Saviours story arc as a whole, I’m kind of dreading his arrival scene, because if they are true to the comic on that scene or who ever they decide Lucille will dance with, it’s going to be a hard watch, I just hope they do it justice as it is pretty memorable!

It’s fun to try and write without spoilers in a comment isn’t it 🙂


I’m way behind in the comics, so I appreciate your efforts to not spoil things.


I don’t know about this episode. While I don’t think it was as bad as this review
makes out, I think the critic makes some valid points about there being some lazy writing.

It seems like the writers were so anxious to get all the storylines from the cliff-hanger wrapped up that the solutions felt rushed and too easy. Especially when in the first half of this season everything seemed to keep going wrong for Alexandria and it looked like it was going to be the end of the community.


I read that one a few days ago, and would agree. There are some damn good points there, but it’s a little too negative for my taste.

Also, I think you’re dead right about the writers rushing out resolutions. I think they’re wrapping everything up so we can get to Negan as quickly as possible.

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