Cool The Walking Dead Infographic

Stewart recently reached out to me to share this super cool The Walking Dead infographic he made about some of the more memorable character deaths. Check it out below, and click on the image to look at a bigger version. Also, check out his website, IntoTheBlue Experience.

Walking Dead Infographic



Very cool indeed! Loving the both the idea and the display of this! Great work.


This is a great infographic. Love the imagery and the summaries of each! Good reminder of what has been in past seasons.

A minor thing for me, If you have Ed and Sophie deaths as stand out for the transformation of Carol, I’d probably add T-Dog. Because if it is wasn’t for him, Carol probably would have gone down in the prison, and we all know how awesome Carol is now…

I guess you need to draw a line somewhere as you could make arguments for and against a lot of deaths though, Tyrese, Bob, Dale the list goes on.

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