Schedule and Daughter Update

Good morning everyone!

I’m happy to report that my daughter is recovering well from her burn. She finally has all her bandages off, so now we’re able to treat her at home rather than going to the hospital every couple of days for dressing changes and debridement.

It’s been a long, stressful two weeks, but we’re finally getting out of the woods. I want to thank everyone for their kind words, patience, and well wishes. I really appreciate it.

Getting back to the comic, I’m going to run the remainder of Evan’s Colony miniseries starting on Monday. Once that concludes, Bricks of the Dead will start back up.

Again, thank you all for your patience.



That’s fantastic news, Dave! I look forward to the remainder of Evan’s comic! 😀 Just remember, if you need to take extra time because something unexpected happens, let us know, and don’t worry too much! 😉 Life can turn hectic, hey, that might make a good discussion question … Hmm … 😀


Yeah, I may have to. Balancing my time has been really difficult lately. I’m going to do my best.


Great news, thanks for the update Dave!

Speaking of little ones and the unexpected dangers that can lie around the house we had a very close call ourselves the other day so I just thought I would share my story here as it could serve as warning to other people.

My 7 years old son was nearly crushed by an IKEA closet. The furniture in question is a “Besta” model, a 2 meters high closet featuring 6 square doors.
We are in the middle of a relocation and we are staying in a temporary place, every piece of furniture in the apartment comes from IKEA and they are almost all empty. None of these furniture are fixed to the walls… something we failed to notice when we moved in but in retrospect this is something I never paid any attention to, even in my own house.
My son was playing in the living room with a small balloon.. My wife and I were not in the room when it happened but from what we were able to gather we think he managed to throw the balloon in one of the upper compartments of the closet that he was using as a target or something. So, he probably had to have opened at least the 2 of the upper closet doors. When he tried to get his balloon back he probably jumped or something and grabbed a side of the closet… causing it to tip over. We heard the loud noise from the other room and came running in the living room. We could only see his feet from beneath the fallen closet.. and for a second I thought he had been crushed. It turns out we got incredibly lucky, the fall of the closet was stopped by a couch and it left just enough room for my son to crouch next to it and not be harmed by the closet. It took the strength of both my wife and I to bring the furniture back up and I have no doubt that my son would have been at the very least severely injured if it had not been for that couch.

My initial reaction to this incident was to think that my son had done something he should not have, tried to climb up the closet or something but after looking at the closet myself, I realized that with a piece of furniture like this, once a couple of doors are open it takes a very small pull to make it fall over and the balance is even more precarious when the furniture is empty.

So, the lesson of my story – attach every piece of furniture to your walls!
I must have built dozens of similar closets in my life and I never thought for one second it would be so important.


Holy cow, Greg, that’s scary. Like probably everyone else, we’ve got plenty of dressers and bookcases that aren’t anchored to the walls. You’ve inspired me to start fixing that stuff. Glad to see that you’re son was safe.


Glad to hear shes improving. Kids are remarkably resilient, which partially makes up for their tendency to seek personal destruction at every opportunity.


Excellent point, it’s amazing how quickly they can bounce back.

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