Zombie Survival Crate Wishlist

I was recently introduced Man Crates, one of those companies that sends you a boxes full of cool stuff, because people like that sort of thing. They’re doing a zombie survival promotion, and wanted to know what sort of things zombie bloggers would like to have in a crate should they find themselves in a zombie survival situation. I thought it sounded kind of fun, so I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring. Here’s my list, loosely categorized:

Zombie Survival Tools

A solid, fixed-blade knife for zombie survival

Before anything else, I’d want a good knife. It needs to be something with a fixed blade and a full tang, and preferably a straight edge (serrations are for sailors). We don’t want to blow our whole budget on our first item, so let’s go with the KA-BAR Beker Companion.

Smash zombie skulls with a crowbar

Once we’ve got our knife sorted out, I’d want another tool that I can also use as a weapon. While the survival crate does include a small crowbar, I think I’d want a full sized version. Crowbars are nice because they’re fairly versatile tools, not too heavy, and are fairly iconic when it comes to zombie survival.

Zombies are scarier in the dark, take a flashlight

Of course no one likes running around in the dark, so we’re going to want a flashlight.  Let’s grab an LED one that takes standard AA batteries, like the Fenix LD22.

We should probably have some rope and tape on us, so let’s grab a bit of that too.

Jam your zombie survival tools in a backpack

And, hey, you need something to put all your stuff in, right? Let’s grab a backpack. I’m a fan of Kelty, so we’ll go with the Redwing.

Food & Water

Spam: It's Pretty Much Food

The folks at Man Crates seem to really like to include SPAM in their kits. I like spam, so let’s toss one of those in.

Naturally, we’re going to want something a little more substantial than potted meat, so let’s toss in some dehydrated meals too. And maybe some beef jerky.

Filter some water with a water filter

What good is a full stomach if we’re dehydrated? Let’s toss a water filter kit, and some purification tablets. No one wants a parasite.

And, while you can’t eat or drink it, we’re going to want a basic first air kit too.



Keep up your spirits with this cool zombie toy

Survival is hard work, and tough on the ol’ psyche. Let’s throw in a fun item to keep our spirits up. How about something like this cute zombie toy? It’s kind of awesome, right?

So there’s my zombie survival crate; what do you guys think? I’d be pretty happy with it.



A first aid kit is nice for the weekend camping trip. You are going to need alot more when the zeds are everywhere and most of them are doctors and nurses. You are going to have to do your own 2nd and 3rd aid so be ready.


Yeah, that’s a very good point. I was trying to keep things reasonably sized so that they might fit in a (big) crate, but a dinky little first-aid kid isn’t going to cut it.


Note: In a survival situation where there is a great deal of medical supplies, always pick up the red bag; that has everything you might need.
The other bags are green & sometimes yellow, and have other supplies such as oxygen (heavy & runs out quicker) and medicines (requires training to administer)


Good point, TheBeefThief; it’s a lot harder to find cute vinyl zombie figs out in the world.


I can just see that little TWD guy on my dashboard in the ZA!

Very cool wishlist. I could do with a brand new crowbar actually, the old British Army one I bought went rusty very quickly.


Hell yeah; gotta have a little fun in your zombie apocalypse.


One point never assume. At my volunteer fire department the medical bags are blue and the firefighting equipment bags are red. These are the traditional colors of the emergency medical services and fire departments respectively.

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