Let’s Play Lone Survivor Part 1

We’re starting off a brand new Let’s Play series today: Lone Survivor: Director’s Cut. This is a retro-indie survival horror adventure game. It’s got 16-bit era graphics, with some really surreal effects and fantastic sound design. Check it out!



Wow, this is a really cool game.
I’m not sure if Dave picked up on the fact that there is a shoeless man that sees monsters around a quiet facility that prohibits weapons and locks all of it’s doors (even fire exits).

I think the game takes place in a mental institution (they look more like college dorms than sp00ky prisons) , and the main character is killing people around, and imagining the monsters by himself. Look how he found the pistol, and then the monsters show up and the people he just spoke to are dead… with gunshot wounds.


I definitely picked up that there’s something going on with the guy, and his perception and reality aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye. However, I certainly didn’t make that specific level of connection. That’s a super cool theory, TBT. I think you’re definitely on to something. I really like the detail about the missing shoes.

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